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:: Sunday, 23 February 2003 ::

The deal

The deal is:

Tony Benn (is he a Sir? I cannot be bothered looking it up) is not a person with whom one can have a rational much less a convicing conversation. Caught him on radio 2BL or whatever in Sydney late last night. It is all about oil. War is naughty, naughty, naughty and people who make war are naughty people. He reckons he did the interview just to show Saddam's side of the story. As if he did Saddam any favours.

Benn is a man in full. He knows what it is all about. And he knows the Americans are the baddies. He is the reason why indecisive Librans like me end up deciding against whatever he is for.

Caught Kevin Rudd on Meet the Press on Channel 10. I cannot say it was incoherent rambling. Because he is not. But he is empty. Blah Blah UN. No freakin' difference between that position and siding with the Americans, except siding with the Americans actually makles sense cos they are go to guys. Not always great to us, but they can be. The UN guys are not for Oz. Never have been. When have they helped us out? They have not. They snipe like we are some third world cesspool about wogs and Abos. Ridiculous.

The deal is the worst the left can throw up, Tony Benn and the best, Kevin Rudd, cannot come to grips with Iraq. They cannot focus on Iraq as the key to this whole equation. That is a major, glaring failing. All HowardBushBlair and no Saddam makes lefties look and sound stupid.

And now we have more folks going to Iraq as human shields. What are they thinking?

Who has the time?

Wouldn't it be great if not one of them got hurt in the fray?

They wanna get hurt. Surely they do. Isn't that the end point? Fighting against the invaders? Against Australians.

Against Australians.

For Iraqis in the regime.


:: WB 12:24 pm [link+] ::

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