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:: Friday, 7 February 2003 ::

Fence sitters? Please. In the head, right? You got that?

A lot has been happening in the past week. A lot. And this? "I do not know what to do. Please tell me mother." Idiot.

Imbecile. "On the one hand, there is a homicidal shithead killing Iraqis forcing them to flee their homeland, memories, familes, just to save their skin. On the other hand there is talking talking about the homicidal shithead but nothing else. I do not know which I prefer. The talking talking or the shithead."

Of the two things, the talking talking and the shithead, he does not even know which is worse.

He cannot tell that they are both bad.

That is his position.

He cannot tell.

This man is empty. He cannot tell. Hundreds, thousands of refugees from Iraq, the world over. And this, for him, is an academic execise in pros and cons. Like a virgo making lists for moving house.

Jesus wept.

I say fuck the fence sitters. They reveal themselves to be castrated. Imbeciles.



The wog is back. And the gloves are off.

Youse can all get fucked if you think UN talk and walkabout inspection is worth more than Iraqi liberty and future. That is one great nation waiting to get it on. Scientists. Architects. Chefs. Rally drivers. Lawyers. Plastic surgeons. Cabbies. Gardeners. Builders. Cleaners. Teachers. Real estate agents. Union reps.

Ain't gonna happen while Saddam is in ironclad charge.

Name one great rally driver from Iraq. Just one.

You telling me they cannot drive?

You are mental. They have not been allowed to. They haven't been able to. On account of the terror of Saddam.

Get it?

That is the point.

Get fucked every shithead who thinks this is about oil and Bush and daddy and Exxon and whatever. So fuckin' what? I do not care about the tone. The arrogance. Whatever. The motives. I do not. For me, Iraqis matter. Some of them are driving cabs in Sydney. What the fuck is an Iraqi doing in Sydney? Eh?Living way better than he ever could in Iraq, that is what. Living. Not being killed. Not being treated to terror. Not living hand to mouth. Not watching his kids go with less than they could have if he lived in a free country. Not being forced to vote for a maniac. Fucking fence sitters. Every goddam last one is an enemy of wogs. Every one. An enemy of wogs.

You know why?

Cos for them, a wog is just a thing. A philosophy.

A wog is a person in Oz who thinks of himself or herself as coming from someplace other than Oz. Might love Oz. Might not. No biggie. Just comes (memory, family, history, light) from someplace else.

Like Iraq.

Like Iraq, get it?

A person. From Iraq.

Australians overwhelmingly do not want Iraqis fleeing their country and arriving in Oz by the illegal boatload. So. Help 'em clean up where they're from so they do not feel they have to get on illegal boats in the first place.

Every single person who felt Howard was right about Tampa has to, in my view, step up to the Iraq invasion threat. If you are gonna lock 'em out, you gotta at least help 'em get sorted at the source.

And every single person who thought Tampa was awful, just awful, has to, in my view, ask themselves, whether they like their wogs meek or regular. Cos I reckon they prefer 'em meek. If they liked 'em regular, why wouldn't they be on the side of military invasion to free 'em from Saddam?

Me. I like my wogs regular. Stupid. Prejudiced. V8 supercharged. Great dancers. Regular. I want Iraqis applying for student visas in Oz, not the 'save my fucking life Saddam will kill me otherwise' visas.

Goddam a lot has happened lately and it has shown folks to be who they fucking are, you know? Some like Iraqis. Some prefer the sound of their own voices while Iraqis get killed by their madman leader.

And before there is any stupid "The UN the UN" shit, or some such rubbish about inspectors, and more time. Please.

Thus far, Saddam. And no further.

Urghhh. That that fat mustachioed shithead should bring the world to this, when a quiet exile to Saudi could have avoided the lot is a disgrace. It ain't for Powell to resign. Or Bush. Or Howard. Or Blair. Or Berlusconi. Or Aznar. Or the others: Lithuania, Estonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Rumania etc etc. It ain't for them.

It's that shithead in Baghdad. And he's been a shithead forever. And for those who ask "Why now?" and say "But the US supported him before..." I say "What is your problem with freeing Iraqis from this madman's pall right now?" Why fucking later?


What have they ever done to you to make you hate 'em so much you'd consign 'em to more time in terrorsville?

God, I can't take the fence sitter.

And do not get me started on the actual anti-war folks. Man. Their hatred for wogs goes deep deep.

They reckon they do not want to lose a single Iraqi innocent life. Oh yeah they do. They must. Cos Saddam is taking Iraqi lives all the time. They know that. So they must be okay with it. They must be okay with Saddam taking innocent Iraqi lives. So it's not the Iraqi lives that really interest them. At all. They just do not want any Westerner doing it. And they certainly cannot countenance the possibility that over the long term (by which I mean 3 years max) Iraqi lives might actually be saved by Westerners stomping Saddam into the ground now. Iraqi lives might be improved by them not having to flee.

Noooo. Your anti-war folk cannot countenance that.

They like their wogs serving 'em food and being poorer. That's how they like 'em. Because if they liked their wogs uppity and competing with them, then they would be all for getting rid of Saddam. Blix is not about to sack Saddam. Not Annan either. And Saddam ain't goin' on his own.

Others have to do it. We can be part of those others. We are, thank God. Australian military men and women are. God love them.

Saw Fisk on telly the other night on SBS's Dateline and he would not admit that Afghanistan is better now than before liberation from the Taliban. He would not admit it. Women are getting driver's licences. Schools reopening. Buildings in Kabul being rebuilt. This means nothing to him. It does not fit into his world view of wogs getting it together.

Urggh. How do you deal with that hatred of wogs that makes their driving somehow a bad thing?

You do not.

You call it how you find it.

Liberation of Iraq from Saddam's brutal rule is just.

:: WB 6:43 am [link+] ::

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