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:: Monday, 24 February 2003 ::

I do not like your tone

How is this for analysis from the Left?

First, a reality check. NATO's intervention in Kosovo had neither the intent nor even the result of ending Milosevic's rule. And the delusion that Australia "intervened" in East Timor is a dangerous one to base future actions on. Our troops went there with Indonesian consent (extracted albeit by some third-party arm-twisting) and we "liberated" no one.

Second, what the New Humanitarians want is to trash UN Resolution 1441. They advocate invasion whether Hussein disarms or not, which would make a lie of the claim that war is up to him.

Third, very few of us can claim any high ground on how much we allow foreigners' suffering to impinge on our daily thoughts, let alone actions. If the New Humanitarians have thoughts on how to spread human rights and democracy around the globe – which doesn't involve bombing them first – please share them with us.

Let me paraphrase. NATO's efforts in Kosovo were not so good, neither were Oz's efforts in East Timor. Resolution 1441 did not warn of serious consequences, and if it did 'serious' only means talktalk. And Hussein ,being a madaxe killer who prevents peaceful attempts at his removal, is not important.

It boils down to: I like people more than you. I do. I do. I do. I am a leftie. I am good. He is my friend. Not your friend. Wah.

Nothing. Empty.

And Dunlop, well please. More evidence of the emptiness. He is more concerned with the tone and the motivation of those who argue against his views, than he is actually coming to grips with the arguments. So he asks the question about domeocracy and dissent, isn't it good for democracy to have dissent?

Damn straight it is.

What is really bad for democracy is when self-styled dissenters bleat about getting criticised for it.

Have a read of the comments thread. Urgh.

UPDATE (in anticipation of leftie snippiness).

Read it and weep. No, really.

:: WB 12:16 pm [link+] ::

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