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:: Monday, 28 April 2003 ::

You're a really 'up' person, Katherine

If the 1994 American intervention in Haiti is any guide, the current U.S. goal to establish democracy in Iraq is an unrealistic one.

Less than a decade after the United States proudly proclaimed the restoration of democracy in Haiti, the troubled Caribbean country is by most assessments a failed state. The Haitian government refuses to yield to the calls of the international community to hold free and fair elections. Violence and crime have risen dramatically, and the country has become a haven for drug traffickers and international criminals who benefit from its porous borders and absence of rule of law.

Haiti is no better off than it was before the U.S.-led U.N. coalition intervened.

Um, dyareckon Haitians might have anything to do with this? And, dyaseriousyreckon Papa Doc Duvalier and Baby Doc were not so bad?

The political pressure to produce results quickly meant that civilians were not consulted in developing the Haitian police force, which has proved to be entirely ineffective and corrupt. The United States and its allies also overlooked Haitian institutional capacity to accommodate certain reforms, and many changes were enacted that were driven by the international institutions, without the support or input of Haitians. Since diplomatic ties with Iraq were broken off in 1990, the challenge for the United States is to find reliable Iraqis with whom to work.

Read that again.

It goes like this: the US (I suppose) appointed a bunch of corrupt Haitians to the police force. And then, the US did not appreciate that Haitian institutions are manned by Haitians, and Haitians are retarded of course and cannot achieve any kind of reform at all, unless it is their own....but they are retarded and can't achieve reform.....urgh. Pain behind eyes.

And then suddently, Iraq is lost.


Katherine has spent a long time hating in Haiti.

The problem with Haiti? Stupid voodoo bullshit, AIDS out the wazoo and corruption.

Solution? Stop practising voodoo, quit fucking without a rubber, and be a bit more honest.

Um, kinda personal solution, eh? Not really the US's responsibility to take the chicken heads and little rocks away, or slip the rubber on the tumescence.

Kinda of a Haitian responsibility.

Maybe you could help, Katherine.

:: WB 2:16 pm [link+] ::

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