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:: Saturday, 12 July 2003 ::


Caught a bit of the Insiders this morning - transcript coming.

I like it when the righties fight with the lefties. And interestingly today, one of the couch-group-of-three, Christine Leftie, just before referring to the Howard government as a 'regime', declared that the Oz population has moved on from the whole Iraq intelligence thing and no one cares about the "lying" and "dodgy intelligence" assertions appearing daily in the press, and only the media gives a stuff.

Andrew Bolt picked her up on her use of the word 'regime' and then I think he said something like, ~while ever the left is as sloppy as you, it'll always be out of power~ or something like that. And he said something like ~the complainers are trying to justify their objections to the war~.

Round of applause.

Christine Leftie is an insufferable wanker and the very personification of dripping lefty cynicism which marks her as a loser of the highest order.

She is quite right no one gives a shit. But she thinks it is cos we, who do not share her daft view of the world where the Howard government is a 'regime' (urgh), are all too retarded to understand and if we were just a little less retarded we would agree with her because dripping cynicism is just the best way to live your life, it just gets so much done. Why, it was dripping cynicism that built the Monaro, dontchaknow? Zif.

Whereas, the real reason we all do not give a shit is twofold. First, agreeing with people like Christine Leftie means agreeing with people like Andrew Wilkie. And Philip Adams.

No. Just no, okay? Not til they say something agreeable. And they have not yet on this topic.

More importantly the second reason we all do not give a shit about the intelligence stuff is because it gets us precisely nowhere. We already know intelligence is not a precise art. Have known for ever. Three Days of the Condor okay? [Look it up.]

Here and now: Saddam gone.

No going back then.

All that can come of an intelligence shakeout is maybe a govt shakeout. Maye a change of power. Maybe even a change of govt.

And that is it.

Christine - you have seen the Oz Labor Opposition lately, haven't you?

:: WB 7:12 pm [link+] ::

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