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:: Saturday, 18 October 2003 ::

As my mother would say "Milo, give me strength"

[UPDATED: Sacha is a man. My bad.]

Read the SMH today. Lordy, it is a terrible terrible newspaper.

And the sky is blue.


But we have Mike Carlton urging Parliamentarians to drop silent but deadly farts when the US President addresses parliament next week. We have Alan Ramsey blabbing in too many words about something, you know, bad about Oz under Howard. Margo Kingston...urgh, what can anyone say? Pilger features in the magazine blurting about Afghanistan. Coverage of Asian reaction to the 'sheriff', and the American general's private religious remarks and Rumsfeld's cover of it, burial of Mahathir's jew-hating clumsiness at the Islamic States' Conference thing, death in Iraq. Failure of US to get UN voters for support to Iraq to actually give any support (as if that reflects badly on anyone other than the states who put their +ve vote, then immediately declare they won't follow through - France, Germany, Russia, Syria I am looking at you).

And a letters page with not a single +ve entry for anything to do with Bush or Iraq.

A whole paper that does not reflect my world view at all.

And a whole paper that does not even begin to make me question my world view in the way that say, Michael Totten's website does.

Right down to the teevee guide.

I mean get this, a review of a 1984 movie "Red Dawn".


About 20 years ago. Obligatory snobby reference to US then under 'gunslinging actor named Ronnie Reagan' and now, with 'risible perform(er) George W. Bush' and blah blah blah. A whole review which ends with "I reckon paranoid patriotism has never been funnier. Highly recommended." A positive review, then. But in the laughing-at-it vein.

Sacha Molitorisz, teevee reviewer for SMH, was against the war in Iraq.

Why should I find this out about him? He has a measly teevee guide and instead of getting off his fat arse to blog his own views, he publishes them.....in his teevee guide!

Why do I even care?

Because the move he picks is on at...........I cannot get over this....... it is on at.......half past midnight.

He could have done actual teevee viewers a favour a picked out a show at 8.30 p.m., like "The Scarlet Pimpernel" or the Rugby Union with freakin' SAfr v Eng bigger-than-Ben-Hur game.


See, that is the SMH in one. Go out of its way to publish one world view.

Including the world view that is bad bad bad for wogs to be noticed as the wogs they are.

That makes my blood boil. Cos wogs are not soft. They can take a criticism. Soft skippies are the only ones who reckon that wogs are soft - skippies are the only ones who actually think it is important not to mention that a wog is a wog. See this whole article on the shootings in Greenacre, right? Wogs behaving badly.

I think they are Turks. But I dunno, and the SMH will not tell me. So I guess it could be Lebs.

Hmm. The SMH probably decided that it is best for the wogs that their woginess not to be mentioned. Ahem. Ziad Abdulrazak. Oh, a fiery hotblooded feud-driven ... blue-eyed Norseman fer sher.


Instead, the SMH's editorial decision is not to report reportable facts - actually. Not to report them. Have them. But do not report them. Facts about the background of a victim including his ethnicity. And this decision is made for the most patronising toerag reasons - that it is important not to notice the woginess of wogs involved with crime cos, to do that means wogs not involved in crime will cry foul about how they are all as an ethnic group being singled out for ethnic labelling and prejudice, blah blah even though it is 100% true that 100% of the shooting in Greenacre was done by one ethnic group.

Whatever it is, we do not know cos the SMH won't tell us.

But this silence, is just leaves readers thinking hey, it's easier to just reckon alllll wogs shoot up their neighbours, then, eh?

Stupid SMH cannot think to the end of a straight line. You gotta report who dunnit and who got done - you gotta report their background. Because wogs form a part of the whole community.

But that wog part has parts too.

And for sure Calabrians are not responsible for this shooting.

.....although that is not a bet I am prepared to take across the board for all shootings.

Ahem. (Pause).

Anyhoo, the SMH sucks.
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