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:: Saturday, 6 March 2004 ::

He wears his pants really high too, you wanna sue him for that?

What a bunch of skippy losers.

There was big article in the Daly Tele yesterday (I cannot find a link) that reveals the folks who sued as true jackholes. They are complaining that their lives are ruined because everyone thinks they are opportunist nasty neighbours trying to get rich off an old wog.

Tears in my eyes for you, jackholes.

The names of four of the 12 are:
Joanne Carmichael, Rick Planner, Mark Overeem and Gregory Starosta. They all lived at the same address - a block of flats next door to Tavernese.

According to the Tele, a new person moved into the flats - Rhiannon Robinson - she had some sickly kids.

During the court case (which was settled),claims surfaced that Carmichael urged a new tenant in the block to join the (court) action, because her sick children would be "good for our cause".

Rhiannon Robinson says when she refused to join the case, Carmichael threatened her, forcing her to seek and obtain a restraining order against Carmichael and her family.

Robinson claimed Carmichael showed her a book on DDT and told her: "You only need to tell a doctor you and your children have these symptoms."

She claimed Carmichael told her "Your children are always sick. There is no way we can lose...there's nothing wrong with me. It's all bullshit. We will get rich."

Carmichael denies the claims saying Robinson had an axe to grind.

Look, a restraining order is a fact - if one was issued then Robinson made an application for a restraining order against Carmichael and it got issued by a court.


To say Robinson's motivation was 'an axe to grind' is so stupid cos it supports Robinson's claim - the axe being her fear of harrassment by Carmichael.

There's your frickin' axe - sheesh, what a maroon that Carmicahel is.

Notice the assertion is not that Robinson got paid off by the Taverneses.

Sooooooo, I think we can make some presumptions - that is all we can do since there has not been any ruling - and the preumptions are:
- the plaintiffs made a claim without having a basis to do so;
- their lawyers also made the claim without legal merit.

Sounds to me like someone should be making a complaint to the Law Society - and doing a portrait of the 12 folks for the Archibald art prize, revealing them to be venal deadshits out to smother an old high-pants wog.

:: WB 4:31 pm [link+] ::

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