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:: Thursday, 29 July 2004 ::

O McGeogh, you've done it again
Yeah well yeah. I lack creativity.

Whatever. It is late.

I have just watched Absolutely Fabulous, which was crap except for this great title for a porn flick "The four dimensions of Lusty McCrack", which gave me the giggles for, like, five whole minutes. Add that to the disgusting Brit comedy series Two Pints o' Lager and Packet of Crisps I saw Monday night on cable, which featured this line from slapper mum talking to her slutty daughter "The 70's was one big shag, darling, everyone was in everyone every minute. Whydya think legwarmers were so popular? Had to have something to catch the drips". Laugh. That set of giggles went for, like, ten minutes.

And this has precisely what to do with Paul McGeogh in the SMH?

Nothing really, except by way of contrast.

The man peddles in misery.

Not giggles. Not even for one minute.

This story shows McGeogh, in Amman Jordan now, apparently has some kind of connection with the tribe that is threatening to behead a Jordanian businessman employer of a bloke who has been kidnapped in Iraq, who is himself threatened with a beheading if the Jordanian businessman does not capitulate to the demands of kidnappers. The kidnappee being a tribesman of the folks threatening the Jordanian businessman. 

Urgh, you got that? Read the story already and come back. I am struggling with this. 


The tribe of the bloke kidnapped is insisting that the kidnappers get the result that they want plus a bunch of money.

Make you kinda think maybe they got a rort going where they "kidnap" one of their own and then extort ransom apparently independently of the kidnappers?

Makes me think that way.

A wog way of thinking, fer sure. But hey, it is what it is.

And McGeogh apparently has this scoop, although as per usual his text is filled with unnamed sources and third hand bullshit.

McGeogh. Human legwarmer.

Urgh.  Prof Bunyip does not much care for McGeogh either.

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