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:: Wednesday, 18 August 2004 ::

Children Overboard

Had planned to go Scrafton myself but found the lovely Currency Lad has done the hard lifting. Top thorough stuff. And Bernie Slattery does some fine work too.

Kids were thrown overboard.

Not off every boat. And not by every adult on every boat. But they got thrown and the great Oz public knows it.

This whole debarcle is part of Labor's attempts to be elected.

Tonight the PM did Ray Martin's 6.30 show on Channel 9. He got his point across - Scrafton says x and I disagree with what he says. And no I won't be taking a 'lie detector' test (Cripes, loike we all live in an episode of NYPD Blue. In addition, Howard got the point across that Labour is going at this hammer and tongs when it might be better if they actually released a tax policy. Or some policy. Any policy.

The Daily Tele's impossibly handsome Malcolm Farr was on Sky News getting it, remarkably for Malcolm, half wrong, I reckon. He thinks this is a big deal and it has nothing to do with border protection - only to do with truth in government. He is only half right. It is a big deal. It is a big deal that Labor is just going Howard to cover for the fact they got nothin' in the way of policy. But Malcolm thinks it is a big deal that Howard is at risk, if Scrafton's argument bears out, of being "caught in a lie" or some such dramatic overstatement. I reckon that all this whole episode does is re-run border protection and remind everybody that Labor just has not got the heart to be stern in the face of badly behaved wogs who would spit on our laws by trying to get into the counrty without any authority at all.

As I say that as a wog who likeslikes wogs and wants more of them here. Just not illegally.

See, Howard singlehandedly put people smugglers outta business. And that is a good thing.

He put those worst-of-all-wogs, the people smugglers, outta business. And that means wogs who want to get into the country do not use those stinking people smuggling scum, which means the wogs are more likely, by sheer dint of circumstance, to come in legally.

And that is how I want 'em. And I am no wierdo. That is how all Oz wants 'em.

Legally, is all.

I think this whole episode is perfect for Howard. Everyone knows those boat wogs behaved disgracefully when the 'Pacific Solution' got implemented (and why wouldn't they freak out and behave like madfolks, having been thoroughly lied to by the real bastards, the people smugglers, about how Oz was easy to get into, no biggie, they'll just love youse all, matey peeps, gimme your money).

This brings border protection up all over again.

That's where Malcolm gets it wrong.

That and the fact he was on Channel 34 and not 46.

:: WB 3:18 am [link+] ::

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