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:: Friday, 6 August 2004 ::

Second big ol case of the day

And I am delighted at the 6-1 result that saw Julian Burnside lose yet another immigration case.
Long story short, Iranian guy sails into Oz with no permission to enter and gets collected and detained at Woomera. He is there for about a year, appealing his losing applications for a visa over and over again. Finally, in an act of extreme stupidity he makes a break for it (probably egged on by go goody wankers) and escapes only to be caught. Penalty for escaping detention is 5 years jail. Oh dear. Burnside, the bloke's hired mouth, has to come up with some argument to get his client out of having to go to jail for 5 years.

And Burnside's argument:

it is okay to escape detention if the conditions are not to your liking.

I shit you not.

6 judges said 'Get. Far. Away.'

One judge, Kirby natch, said "Hmmm. I think a man who has shown precisely no respect for any Oz law relating his presence in this country should be rewarded by grant of a permission to enter the Oz community because somewhere someone once wrote that they reckon Woomera is a 'concentration camp'."

Amemba the Spaniard and Englishman who set fire to the joint? Or was that Villawood? Whatever. Amemba the sewn together lips, the hunger strikes and throwing of the body onto the ground?

That behaviour is what made Woomera an awful cinderblock compound to be in. Nothing else.

And Burnside wanted to gather scads of 'evidence' of the 'inhumane conditions' at Woomera, which would doubtless include a bunch of Green propaganda, Terry Lane blatherings and some wankery from the UN High Commission for Refugees declaring all of Oz a rascist bigot central gulag with nazi overtones and Howard=Hitler yeeaah, you know the drill. It is prolly a good thing that he did not get that evidence together cos there would be extra evidence for sure of the disgraceful ways detainees themselves contributed to the 'inhumanity' and that might have even turned Kirby's mind.

As it is, 6-1 pretty much closes the door, although Kirby has his toe just blocking a full close. he really is insisting on Oz going down the lousy, in my view, path to using International Law - the wankiest and weakest practice known to lawyers - to change the makeup and jurisprudence of this, the greatest nation on earth......after Italy, of course, but only by a whisker.

If you can be asked do read the case and the one below. They are big deals.

:: WB 5:34 am [link+] ::

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