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:: Sunday, 27 February 2005 ::

Heather MacDonald on Feminist Rubbish

Top stuff I reckon. Certainly puts loser feminists in their place.

Like Anne Summers, who wrote a nasty piece about the adoptee boy who grew up to be a man and has finally met his biological dad, Tony Abbott. Summers cannot bear that goog things can happen to people she hates, and that good people can happen when they are not aborted.

No link for the Summers piece - she is quite simply in my opinion a hatchet-faced bitch. And I do not use that 'b' word lightly. Look for it on the SMH site if you feel the need. Linked at left. But really. What is the point? What can Anne Summers possibly teach girlies of today? How to grow old disgracefully? Puhlease. Zif that cannot be done without any help at all.

And no, Summers has not earned any entitlement to be honoured for her pioneering of women at work blah blah. I used to think that - in my charitable moments - til I realised that Summers contribution to womanhood at work is a magazine industry filled with women. Book editing filled with women. Family law practice - wall to wall women.


Good work, Summers, ghettoising the girls.

There is not a female electrical engineer, tax lawyer or racecar driver who owes one scintilla of gratitude to Anne Summers and her ilk.

Not one.

If they owe any debt of gratitude at all to anybody other than themselves for their good work, it is probably to parents and friends who have treated them as competent all their lives. That is all you need, see, to succeed at anything. You need an absence of concern about your incompetence. And a focus on your competence.

Summers, like Estrich (read the article), is all about what is wrong. Still. Now. In 2005. All about gender. All about wombs. All about abortion. Now. In 2005. All about spitting hatred and catty bitchiness.

How boring.

Heather MacDonald sounds for all the world like most of my girlie buddies. That is, basically, appalled at the awfulness of old feminists.


That is one reaction those old-timers really have earned from the next generation of girlies.

Busy week this week. No bloggy til weekend. Easy.
:: WB 2:28 pm [link+] ::

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