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:: Tuesday, 22 March 2005 ::

If You're Gonna Be A Bear, Be A Grizzly

Fabulous thinker Wretchard has identified just what is wrong with Kofi Annan's proposal for reform of the UN.

It is wholly based upon the following world view:

Wogs can never be anything other than shitful, so it is best to try to buy them off.

In this context I am using 'wogs' to mean folks who come from nations not recognised as being 'civilised' - which is basically every nation whose folks flee in huge numbers and seek asylum (whether for real or to disguise the fact they just want better economic opportunities elsewhere - the key is the argument that asylum is needed, not just economic in-search-of movement).

Kofi wants to take a bunch of cash off the rich civilised nations to stop the wogs behaving badly, all administered by the UN bureaucracy, natch. And there is a pat pat on the head for some wogs to get on to the Security Council a bit.

For mine Kofi Annan is a major impediment to reform of the UN - not cos he does not get that it needs change. He does get that and I believe he is sincere in wanting the change.

He is an impediment, but, cos he cannot fathom of a radical change - a genuine smack to regimes that are troublemakers.

I get back to mafia again - everything gets back to Italy, it is just the rockingest country - mafia is a tiny subset of lousiness in a sea of good people. Crap countries do not exist - crap regimes lording it over a sea of good people do exist.

Exhibit A - Iraq - crap regime now defunct thanks very much USAUKOzItalyet al
Exhibit A - Afghanistan - as above
etc etc maybe even including the Palestinians, although I think they are the exception that proves the rule - they are all just crap people who love violence - and I will keep thinking that til they get themselves an opposition that actually stands up and descries the HamAsses in their midst...still, it took Iraqis a while to grow the balls to decry their violent jackasses, so maybe a little charity from me to the Palestinians would not go astray.


So what would a grizzly do?

Jeez, put me on the spot whydon'tcha.

Alright, this grizzly would prolly start by implementing the rule that says every nation must be represented. Every nation must pay for its own representatives. There must be 2 representatives for each nation - a man and a woman. No representation is allowed for nations that do not give women the vote. No veils are allowed on women at all under any circumstances.

No more motions in the General Assembly about Israel for a period of 5 years.

Hezbollah, HamAss, Islamic Jihad, Peoples Front for the Liberation of Palestine, IRA, FARC, MILF, Enigmatic Subcomandante Marcos and his Mexican Loser Crew ("we demand the right not to wear shoes" I shit you not, crazy wogs) - all terrorists.

No UN funding for terrorists.

No UN funding for reports or remarks that conclude 'one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter'.

Compulsory UN military contributions in personnel, materiel or cash or a combo of all three. Means tested per country.

Allocation of military per Security Council resolution.

French permitted to stay on Security Council and even to veto resolutions, but French presence and veto to have no effect at all.

Italy to sit on Security Council. Italy to have deciding vote on all Security Council resolutions.

Brazil not permitted to have a vote anywhere. Same goes for Greece.

Live rounds and shoot to kill authorisation when UN forces encounter terrorists.

Live rounds and shoot to kill authorisation for UN forces encountering other UN forces behaving like terrorists or jackass abusers.

Annual audits of UN accounts. Published on the Internets.

All travel and ccommodation expenses of reps to be signed off by Kofi personally.

No laptops, no desktops. Just Blackberry PDAs. All emails 3 lines or less.

All printing to be done on extreme paper-save setting, two pages a side, both sides.

Orunno what else. Sheesh.

It ain't so easy. You try.
:: WB 2:33 am [link+] ::

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