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:: Friday, 15 April 2005 ::

Workers need work

Tim Worstall points out the bleeding obvious using the MG Rover sadness in Britain.

Oz has had to ensure this too - the loudest example being the Ansett Airlines fiasco. Damned union entitlements so bloody high no other airline wanted the workers cos they would have bleated about changed conditions instead of just getting with the program - work is good.

On a more personal level years ago I acted for a widow whose wog husband died leaving her control of his fantastic small factory producing high scale engineering stuff that I do not remember. Everything in his head, no contracts nothing. Workers? Immediately went on a go slow and failed to meet the orders that were in place resulting in cancelled orders and revenue slowed to a trickle - no money means need to wind up factory business.

The widow could not get the workers on side. They did not respect her and she, grief stricken, was not exactly respectable, falling apart all the time and not knowing one end of a machine from another.

Union rep demands meeting. We sit in a room in the factory and this union shitheap skippy bastard says something like "We want a deed of indemnity guaranteeing XX weeks' pay for each year of service or each worker in the event of the business going outta business."

Widow had already put a bunch of cash aside for redundancy when she stepped in to the role. First thing. Because she was an honourable woman.

The formula the union wanted was way over the odds and not affordable, much less even agreeable.

Result - stalemate. Workforce goes even slower, orders cancelled, no money, business wound up.

Workers got what the widow had put aside and that is all. Thank goodness for her cos without her honour they would have got nothing on account of their status as workers - down in the queue at that time behind secured creditors.


And the union - another screaming success of nothingness except a bunch of manipulated wogs whose greed (yes, wogs are greedy aren't you sometimes) got them nowhere - doubtless proud of themselves. Fools.

Had the workforce just completed the orders they could have got some more orders and then sold the business.

Stupidity incarnate and literally no way to stop it.

When the heart of a business - the workers - gets all hell bent on self-destruction there is nothing to be done to stop it.

My point?

Oh nothing.

I just loathe unions and workforces that do not understand that they are the heart of business.

:: WB 7:45 pm [link+] ::

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