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:: Saturday, 21 May 2005 ::

Channel 9's 'Sunday' show on MacQuarie Fields

Good grief this is absolutely awful. What a toilet this suburb is, at least the bits of it that we have seen so far on this morning's show. But it is all houses on whatever, quarter acre blocks.

"Growing up, getting' drunk, gettin' stoned, you know they're not breaking the law, they're just having fun, stealing cars and havin' fun" - well, there it is.

We had a mum as a drunk, a single mum, lots of different boy friends, she'd hit me with whatever she could get her hands on.

These quotes come from the uncle, Robert, of the boy, Jesse Kelly, who stole the car back in February refused to stop when chased by police and ended up crashing killing two passengers and fleeing the scene staying on the run for around a week before finally giving himself up.

Now some guy, Milo, single dad of 5 kids, electricity cut off at the house, one of his kids morbidly obese, all of them inarticulate and just filled with rage - he is a violent cretin. Natch he was involved in the riots after Jesse Kelly killed his two passengers.

Now they are interviewing another man, a former jailed fellow, who defrauded the gumment on social security which got him imprisoned, who says I will never get a job cos of something stupid I done as a kid but I am 32 and I am changed and I want to want my daughters grow up.

How sad is that? A glimmer of goodness in an otherwise pointless shell of a person.

Now we have an interview is the 19 year old girlfriend of Jesse Kelly, mother of his daughter. No finishing of school and her rationalisation is What's the point of 1 x 1 if you're just going to go home and no one's getting anywhere in MacQuarie Fields.

Everyone's an alcoholic and a drug addict or something.

Lord, she is a sad girl. She wants to change her life but she lacks willpower, strength.

Now some boy who looks like a young Bon Scott from ACDC. Something about just waiting til it's your turn (to die, presumably).

But there is a park, and there are homes on big blocks, and trees. Natch, there would be no life without a car, cos it is not as if MacQuarie Fields, or any fields for that matters, are walking distance to anything or anywhere. And goodness only knows where the jobs are, bt you would have to think a half hour or an hour away.

Uncle Robert has converted to Christianity but he cannot let go of it being the gumment's fault.

Robert, it takes two.

Cripes, back to Milo, the tard. He struck his hysterical daughter who was screaming at him to leave but he just would not leave. He just kept staying in her company. And now he is bleating that he cannot see his daugher's daughters - yes, Lord help us the man's a grandparent. Well, what on earth would he imagine would be the consequence of goading his daughter into hysterics then choosing to hit her? Does he think he should have a medal?

You bet he does.

Self-pity and self-righteousness mixed liberally with stupidity and violence.

Now, the end of the report and a thorough cop out by Channel 9 - something about until the education system improves and gumment services blah blah things will be lousy.

Look, alls you have to do at school is sit still and listen. And alls you have to do at home is not get spastic drunk and high on dope and keep your house clean.

What was missing from that story was interviews with perfectly law abiding residents of MacQuarie Fields. There was an elderly Scottish woman interviewed but I think she was just talking about it when it was newly developed.

It cannot be all lousy.

It can be mostly lousy but not everyone is slovenly and prone to drunkennes and drug abuse. There are children who go to school. Presumably some of them pass their classes and progress up the chain to the next year.

Would have been nice for the whole of Sydney to have seen some nice folks from MacQuarie Fields. Cos if there genuinely are none, not a one, then this story did not properly evidence that. Poor teevee journalism in this wog's view.

And there were not even any wogs in the show.
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