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:: Sunday, 1 May 2005 ::

An Old Australian man has been Kidnapped and Threatened with Death by the Brave Iraqi Resistance

His plea, which is getting round the teevee stations (but curiously nowhere on the Murdoch press as at the time of typing), is the most articulate of any kidnappee I can recall:
- I do not want to die
- my captors are patriotic Iraqis and want foreign troops out so they can take care of Iraq themselves and defend against their neighbours if need be
- Howard Bush Blair and Schwarzenegger (the kidnappee is a skippy living in California with his US wife and he has US reisdency) please get me out of here.

My captors are patriotic.

His captors are Iraqi.

These Iraqis are fucked in the head - pardon my blue language but there is little to be sympathetic too.

They are also disgustic hypocrits - why? Because Iraqis are in Australia - they have arrived illegally into Oz in the past. And you do not see Oz citizens forming militias to kidnap those Iraqis folks who are in Oz. Or Brit citizens in Britain. Or US citizens in the US, or Candian etceteras.

This whole bullshit philosophy about 'ooh I canot tolerate the mere presence of foreigners and foreign troops in my land so it iis inevitable I must kidnap someone" is juvenile kiddie thinking. It is pathetic and would be laughable if it was not so serious.

Those giuys are so patriotic? How come they did not kidnap Saddam when he was turning Iraq into a fucked country with the result that the rest of the world has ended up playing host to Iraqis who fled for their lives?

Hmmm? Brave Shura Mujahadeedn of whatever these fuckers call temselves.

Howard should not be negotiating with the kidnappers - he should be approaching the Iraqi community out here in Oz and getting a statement from the putative leadership that condemns the kidnapping, demands the release of Douglas Wood, and declares that the Oz troop commitment has been focussed on building Iraq and tarning security forces to achieve the very thing the idiot kidnappers say they want - foreign troops out and Iraqis wholly responsible for their own destiny.

Howard should not remove a single troop member.

But he should be trying to get Douglas out unharmed - trying bloody hard.

Because Douglas Wood is from Oz and it is not on to be kidnapping Oz folks in Iraq or anywhere else for no good reason.

The kidnappers do not have a good reason. Foreign troops, including Oz troops will get out of Iraq as soon as Iraq can manage without them - and kidnapping folks is not evidence of Iraq being able to manage without troops.

Cripes, these kidnappers are just impenatrable and unscaleables walls of idiocy.

UPDATE: SkyNews is interviewing the SMH's Paul McGeogh (he of the Allawi shot 6 folsk some day some time no evidence claims that won him a Walkley, saints preserve us) who is saying the kidnappers' claim to have captured Douglas Wood to coincide with Defence Minister Robert Hill's visit and McGeogh says it is baloney and dumb luck for the kidnappers who he refers to as 'insurgents' natch, instead of kidnappers. He says Woods' language describing what he does in Iraq is cryptic cos Woods refers to working with US forces but he is obviously, in McGeogh's opinion, too old for any role as a soldier or anything else.

McGeogh says the video of Wood does not include any deadline for its demand for removal of troops (I demand world peace and Jarno Trulli win the 05 F1 championship - just as realistic, eh?) but the plea is to save Woods' life, so we have to watch and wait to find out if Woods is going to get released like many other hostages. 300 taken 30 killed, many released many unaccounted for.

A proud stat for the Brave Iraqi Resistance eh?


Lord, I hope Woods gets out alive and okay. And I hope the pigs who have him are shot up but good and dead. Pigs.
:: WB 2:12 pm [link+] ::

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