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:: Saturday, 4 June 2005 ::

Deadwood Democrats?


Maginifico Matt Welch hits an atypical sour note with this thesis.

At a time when Washington is passing laws to intervene in individual medical cases, and self-described federalists want to amend the Constitution itself to prevent individual states from experimenting with marriage laws, "Deadwood's" skepticism of government and celebration of individuality couldn't be timelier. And its viciously profane yet pragmatic demonstrations of tolerance feel more stiff-spined and American than an anti-defamation industry that has been enthusiastically adopted by the same conservatives who once mocked it.



A filthy cesspool filled with cowardice and uncontrolled violence where all the women are treated like shit, run by a two bit mafioso with a crazy religious man thrown in for good measure and Brad Dourif a better actor than all of the others put together with an embarrassing Carradine as Wild Bill Hickock?


Apart from the fact it is unwatchable for any length of time without thinking of Ian McShane as Lovejoy and taking it up the ass in that embarrassing Kubrick Kidman Eyes Wide Shut rubbish, the real deal is that this actually is where the Democrats are heading.

Empty violence and cursing mistaken for art. (The Turett's Syndrome use of 'fucker' and 'cocksucker' at every turn is boring. Boring, alright, not to mention factually bullshit.)

Repulsive violence and dupicity mistaken for ballsy character. (Al Swearengen should be shot. By one of his awfully mistreated whores if by no one else.)

Unforgiveable self-congratulations and accompanying cowardice mistaken for girtty real life. (The Calamity Jane role is drawn as a psychiatrist's wet dream of horror femo-masculine behavior and weak-kneed girlie fear in the presence of an unarmed Al Swearengen. Jane was a shooter, for Cripes sake. This appalling show has castrated her.)

The Democrats are not Deadwood. But headed there.

Where they already are at, but, isCarnevale, that show about.......um, I think the devil, but, um, there was fat slag and some murders and a blind guy, and, um.....oh yeah, a midget.

A trainwreck of a teevee show about freaks and horror that made no sense at all, starring, if you can believe it without spitting, Adrienne Barbeau.

That is your Democrats right there.

B-grade and pointless, with no tether to the earth and reality at all. Anarchy. Madness.

If they ever get to adopting the Deadwood approach of perfectly sane anachy, venal and violent with the blah blah rugged individualism thing, they will be steppin' up.

At least it is an attempt at revealing actual history, however earnest and misguided. Far as I can tell the Democrats are mired in fantasy where all judges have to come from the ACLU and Robert Byrd, former Klansman Kleagle or whatever, is a respectable figure, and John Kerry, the horsefaced horse's ass, is a credible candidate for President.


Carnevale terrority.
:: WB 4:45 pm [link+] ::

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