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:: Tuesday, 26 July 2005 ::

What's the diff?

On the one hand a newspaper hires a shitty little terrorcheerleader and gets shamed into sacking him when they run his appalling views as a comment piece and are inundated with contrary views and calls for the shitty guy's sacking over his resolute shitty views following the slaughter of more than 50 London folks in a disgusting act of terror, and the paper does sack him but bleats about it all the way and after.

On the other hand a Uni Law Prof of 29 years long service, less than 12 months away from retirement, writes a letter to his local rag expressing vulgar and offensive views about immigration and gets pushed out of his job cos he has private thoughts unassociated with his professional area, that offend the uni Vice-Chancellor so much she thinks he needs to go early.


But it feels like in both cases political correctness gone wild.

The paper applauded a shitful terrorenabling commenter by directly inviting him to write a special commenty piece which was bad all over for so many reasons but mostly cos it applauds terrorism.

The Spewnie punished a Prof who, on his own account, wrote a letter to a suburban paper which was bad all over for so many reasons but mostly cos it slammed immigration.

Somewhere, in a perfect world of pecorino cheese, ever-filled glasses of bubbly prosecco and magically filled plates of my mother's Involtini Monreale there is a paper whose editors do not invite terror enabling comment and there's a Uni that lets its aged Law Prof's have their own opinions without punishing them.

I guess there are papers like that, and Unis like that so ther is no point getting all bothered.

But jeez, you come across this stuff and just wish it would not happen, yeah?

And no, while I think about it, Prof Fraser is no Ward Churchill, embarrassing non-American Indian prof in the US who thinks terrorists are fab-u-lous.

Prof Fraser just has a problem with too many wogs, mostly Asians, in Oz.

He isn't making excuses for wogs to be slaughtered.


Ya know, I have just worked out that the two issues do have a lot in common:

the Graudiad and MacQuarie Uni are both sheltered workshops.

Whatever. I got Donald Sutherland and Don Rickles and Telly Savalas and Clint Eastwood on the teevee in Kelly's Heroes and I am not up for thinking any more.
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