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:: Sunday, 14 August 2005 ::

WOG BLOG LE JOG - DAY 6 Manchester to Glasgow

Whoa, rainy raininess in manchester for the huge leg of the LE JOG journey up to Glasgow. A good five hour drive, along motorway, no less, and in the pouring rain.

Must needy roofy for Mog. Claustrophic Wog in Mog. Stress, tension, heartache. And yet, and yet, rain for cricket is a good thing for the Oz boyos. What to think? What to think? Happy or sad for rain?

I decided on happy and just got down to it.

The drive is a busy busy drive, along heavy traffic motorway with, get this, full on traffic jams all the way along. A five hour drive was in fact a six hour drive.

But the beautiful northern English countryside along the motorway made it worthwhile. It was all green and rolling hills. There were even motorway moos, but blogger is eating my pics so next post okay?


The littlest wipers in the world - three sets of them by the way - were working overtime, making motorphoto fun not much of an option

But I found a motorway buddy even littler than me

so I figured if he was not afraid to tackle the horros of the English motorway in the rain

Then I would not be scared either. So there.

Driving into Glasgow was easy peasey although it down have a bunch of one way streets.

So after much left and left again and again

|I found George Square, the heart opf the city

and my hotel was round the corner so no problemo.

Glasgow is quite the top town. Once a city of culture.....yessss, no sneering, it is vibrant and jumping.

Went for a walk in the evening but thought better of taking pictures of blokes spewing their guts up in the street. Saw two of them within a block radius, including one backwards falling into traffic spew which was easily a 7.9 on the degree-of-difficulty scale. Not a pretty sight I can tell you, but the rest of the town is a delight.

So, more Glasgow in a sec.
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