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:: Thursday, 11 August 2005 ::


Internet goodness so I can do the catchup thing with the pics and commentary.

One of these years blogger is going to be able to download imagines from a moving MogCam and you can share the whole experience. But for now, youse will have to make do with just pics.

The ceiling of St Mary Magdalene church in Taunton. Incredibly painted and gorgeous.

And we juxtapose that loveliness with ...

... Mecca Bingo.

Good grief, eh? And they are not just in Taunton, mind. The Mecca Bingo is a successful franchise in other parts I have seen. Horrible in so many ways.

Could not stay in taunton dilly dallying all day. Things to do and places to see. So orf in the Mog, outta Bob's garage and on to the streets. The streets to Hereford.

Axbridge, nice town sweet, medieval town square and not much else happening. Top view from the car.

Drivey drivey goodness and on to my own personal Mecca.....Mecca of Cheese.
Cheddar! A whole town of Cheese.

Just there at Cheddar is the Cheddar Gorge, a beautiful perfect windy hilly drive through a full on gorge of greenery and rock, and trees. Must have looked the same for the last thousand years.

Mog loved the Gorge, and Wog loved the gorging on the Cheddar. Perfect day.

So driving along north of Bristol have to get over the water and on into Monmouth and then up to Hereford, right?

Driving driving, the perfect Wye valley drive beside water, late afternoon dappled sun through unbuhleevable leafy greenness and then what do I come across?

Only Tintern Abbey

Incredibile, even if it is in the Wales part of Engerland. Yuk. Yuk.

Finally arrive in to Hereford late afternoon, check in to perfect hotel in town, with garden onto a bit of river. Much relaxation then, over gin and tonic with ducks accompanying.

Yeah, ducks. look carefully and you will see one of them upside down. By my calculcations a duck can hold its breath under water for up to half a whole minute.

Who knew?

All up a great day's driving in the Morgan with tonnes of beautiful countryside witnessed.

Okay. On to the next post.
:: WB 1:33 pm [link+] ::

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