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:: Tuesday, 16 August 2005 ::


Hey readers, I made it.

Needed Moggy roof cos john o'Groats really is at the arse end of everything in Scotland, all 'wind swept and interesting' and you actually have to drive through a weirdo kind of misty fog separation barrier to get there.

And once there, there is very little there there, you know?

Still I got my photo, and the kind man took a snap of the Mog just as the horrible catterwhauling noise of the ferry let out a peel, gaining my appalled attention for a second. Nice shot, but. I like it.

A very big drivey day was had yesterday, then, all the way from Inverness up to John o'Groats and then all the way back down past Inverness to Pitlochry, near Blair Castle.


But of the happy kind, eh?

Found out last night, as I stayed in a hotel that was way too like 'The Shining' for my liking:

a big imposing pile up on a bluff

with empty red hallways sreaming 'redrum'

[Urgh, Blogger is not letting post the pic of the eerily empty and boarded up blue ballroom. Totally spooky.]

that the road I had driven for about 8 hours all during that very day was only the deadliest road in Scotland.


No point in getting the retrospective heebyjeebies. fact is, the road was no problemo for me. Granted, there were a lot of lorries to share the blacktop with, and they are quite aggressive, them Scots lorries, but the road's major flaw, to my thinking, is the fact that all the potholes are on the front right wheel line, both north and south.

Much swerving had to be done.

That was the major problem.

Oh, plus there were long holdups at road works points, and a really steep mountain that needed some tight corner hugging and first gearage, that was a bit hair raising.

Add to that the fact I had the cricket going all day and you can imagine the tension in the little Mog cabin.

I feel somewhat responsible for the draw - which we totally could have won, mind - cos it seemed that every time I got outta the car - to get petrol, to go to the can, to pick up a drink - a wicket was lost. Bad Woggy. Should have stayed in the car.

Still and all, there is now no probem here now in the spectacular Scotsman hotel here safe and sound in fabulous festival-filled Edinburgh.

Thanks for all the emails asking if I'd made it to JOG. Yip and yippee, yes I have. I am now on the downhill run. But tonight, Edinburgh calls: its siren song of heavy traffic and festival festivities is irresistible.

Out peeps.
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