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:: Friday, 16 December 2005 ::


Gabrielle Casey, wrote a book called "Puberty Blues" about 50 years ago all about 2 slutty skippy 14 year olds who want desperately to get laid by imbecilic surfer boys.

I think. It was made into a movie about 40 years ago or something. Whatever. It is not important.

The Sydney Morning Herald has asked her what she thinks of all the Muslim Leb violence and skippy violence that has happened, on account of how .... hang on, the relevance escapes me...oh yeah, she has been to a beach.

I mean, puke, really.

Anyhoo, John Howard is at fault, and skippy chauvanism is just as bad as Muslim Leb misogyny and violence and assault and intimidation.

According to Gabrielle. Who hates Howard, like a good little goose-stepping arts luvvie should.

Let us "enjoy" Gabrielle's careful stylings, eh?

According to many Cronulla people, what happened last Sunday was the result of years of putting up with unacceptable public behaviour by Middle Eastern, mostly Lebanese, men.

"We've had enough," they said. The disrespect for other people's space on the beach had been going on for too long. This was compounded by disrespect, they said, particularly for women. As a former surfie chick, I have to say I find this a little ironic.

Cronulla beach, as I experienced it, was never known for its respect for women. By saying that, however, I don't mean to show a preference for one group of men who harass women over another.

There, see it?

It is all about Gabriele and her preferences. Nothing about actual blame, genuine judgement, real culpability getting identified.

And isn't she arch? "...a preference for one group of men who harass women over another." Oh Ha. Ha. Ha, Gabriele, so very clever.

One group gang bangs skippy girls cos they are 'Aussie Pigs" another group harrasses skippy Aussie girls who desperately want to be laid by them.

Jeez, woman, you wrote a frickin' book about it. You were one of those girls.

Noooo, all equal in Gabriele's idiot world.

But check this bit out:

Recently, I was reluctantly dragged along to the end-of-year drama night at North Sydney Boys High School (to see my daughter's boyfriend).
The most moving moment was when a dance group of about a dozen students came on stage, each boy obviously from a different ethnic background: Chinese, Irish, Korean, Sri Lankan, Indian, Swedish, English, Iranian, Croatian, South African and Somalian, as well as your average suntanned Anglo.

As I sat and watched them move so beautifully and harmoniously, I almost wept.
The next morning, I went to watch the boyfriend's soccer semi-final. Many of the same boys were there
These boys had found a different way to demonstrate their masculinity; a different way of being boys. These young men would never be part of any mob. This is the new man, I thought, a profoundly different kind of male from the boys I had known in my teens.

Notice anything about this?

Milo give me strength, not a Muslim Leb man among the beautiful boys she describes.

Djathink Gabrielle gets this?

These young fellows are conscious, whereas many of the young men in Cronulla, as well as in Lakemba, are not. They are acting out of unconscious impulses, irrational anger and misinterpretations of history.

As I was writing this, I received a spam email addressed to "Sons and Daughters of Anzacs", appealing to me to come to Cronulla on Sunday in the tradition of "the men who protected us from invasion and threats in years gone by".

"Bring yourself, your mates, anyone you know of fighting age, and whatever devices you see fit to defend yourself and your country," it said.

The best and the only device I would like to offer is that of consciousness and self-knowledge. The "other" is also within.


For me to poop on.

In Gabrielle's craazy world, all this is about maleness and a lack of "the dance" or something in the lives of skegs and Muslim Lebs.

Honestly, woman, how many times does it need to be said. Cronulla has not got a problem with ...Chinese, Irish, Korean, Sri Lankan, Indian, Swedish, English, Iranian, Croatian, South African and Somalian, as well as your average suntanned Anglo.

She thinks her email is just appalling.

Wonder what she tinks of this from 'OZ Skullcracker':
Fuck you Aussie faggots, i wish I was in Cronulla that night so I could crack some of your worthless quasi-nazi skulls. who the fuck cares about aussie women anyway? lebanese women are 10X as beautiful.

See it? An authentic Muslim Leb scumbag.
:: WB 7:33 pm [link+] ::

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