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:: Thursday, 28 September 2006 ::


I like getting around Englerland by car cos the visual cliches of red phone boxes
absurdly narrow and green country roads
is all 100% true and you do not even have to be careful about trying to find this stuff. The oppsite, I reckon. You would have to do so some serious motorway hugging to avoid the fun in the Engerland and particularly in Kent, the Garden of Englerland.

Reminds me, my Pa Gino never took Australian citizenship because he maintained he would never ever pledge allegiance to "the English Queen and her bunch of Germans family" or words to that effect. And he loathed old Oz Prime Minister Robert Menzies, who he used to mock terribly cos menzies was a Queen worshipper and an Engerland snob to boot. "I did but see her passing by" said Menzies of ol' Queenie, and "Heaven is a cottage in Kent".

Let us just note that Gino found neither statement, nor their respective concepts, ....how to say, impressive.

So, drivey drivey and the laneways and loveliness are all terrific. iPod powering, and then
Chubby Brown.

Perfect. But things got weird after that.

Nice car Wog.

You're not too bad yourself, you know.

Lordy, those guys were absolutely unafraid. I revved that Mazda but good. And they seemed to like it. Get those guys a flat on Conrod Straight, eh?

Anyhoo, mucho more
super narrow lanesways went by, as I pondered the English sheep.

Why do they all look so ... alarmed and alarming?

A question for the ages, eh readers? Well, enuff of a question to keep my drivey mind occupied as I kept driving.

I decided Canterbury would do the trick for a Cathedral fix so tried to work out where the sun was under the thick English clouds. And I went driving on.

And with no effort at all, I came upon some of Englands finest mad cows.
The Kentish Black Spazz.

And the little seen Long Haired Red Dorset Nutter.

And then I went on to
Canterbury Cathedral - this is a lovely open quadrangle.

Beautiful but quite a lot of work is being done in it and around it right now which I did feel detracted from the place. It is also right touristy around the Cathedral and not car friendly, which, natch, offended both me and the Mazda.

Anhoo, after lighting some candles - what the heck, it is Anglican, right? CofE, right? But candles are nice anyways - I hooned it up to London, ignoring Red Ken Livingstone's anti-driving congestion nonsense for the city. I was all over the shop, lane changing late, figuring if I could just get to the Amercian Embassy area in Mayfair, there I would be bound to see 'Sheratons' and Intercontinentals' and such hotels. Never driven in London before. Do not know the town well.

The plan worked fine.

Tomorrow, last post on this journey, as part 3 sees me part with the Mazda.


I think I might be getting the blues about it.

:: WB 4:11 pm [link+] ::

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