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:: Monday, 29 October 2007 ::

Ya Gotta Accentuate the Peacefulness, Eliminate the Victimhood

By which I mean, these guys, who are prolly not bad guys, need to understand what everyone on earth who is not a Muslim understands:

Muslims commit more terrorism and have more violent reactions to simple stuff happening, like cartoons getting published, than any other type of person, full stop. Daylight between them and anyone else.


Embrace it, mate. Own up to it. It is your problem that your religion is filled with cranks and nutjobs. To whit: Osama, Amrozi, Arafat all of them.

And the fact we all notice it is not our fault. It is the fault of the nutjobs, natch. And it is also a tiny bit your fault too. Yes you there, the Muslims who do not commit mad acts of madness. Why? Sheesh, do I even need to explain? It is simply not good enough to say "Youse are making us mad with the noticing of the bombings and the jihad and the 24x7 'Allahu Akhbar' and all that, and some guy is gonna bomb youse cos he is mad".

Stop explaining the nutjobs' motivations to us non-terrorists. We know what they are. It is your religion. They tell us over and over.

And we just do not care a bit.

Not a bit.

Start shopping these nutjobs to the coppers, or better yet, stop the nutjob preachers coming in to Oz then gather all the idiot local nutjobs together and deliver them an almighty smack upside the head.

See, these two Leb guys in the article are not bad guys. But it seems to me that they are crawling towards understanding something about Oz that every other wog here understands and every other wog here reached the understanding much quicker than lebs. Sorry to be so blunt, but I reckon this is objectively true.

No skippy is going to give you a break for even a second while you obsess over how good you are even though you go unrecognised and how maligned you are even though it is other wogs bringing the whole lot down.

I remember the Robert Trimboli episode - he remains Oz's only known mafia boss, who ordered the hit on a Griffith councillor Donald McKay. For a bit there it seemed as if every wog was considered a mafioso. Utter nonsense of course but it was all there. Needless to say, in the grand tradition of loudmouthed mafiosi everywhere - as opposed to the genuine omerta article, they talk a big talk but when it all boils down they are mammone. Mummy's boys. Now, Trimboli never slammed planes in to buildings or bombed a Bali nightclub or London trains and Madrid trains, so the comparison is a bit rich I will grant you. Still but, the point is made.

The Leb boys in the article did not do the terrible things other Muslims have done.

But they do not spend nearly enough of their breath condemning and the terrible acts and the people who do them or who think it was just dandy that they were done.

That is the trouble.

Stop whining. Sure the police have buggered up some cases. What? Did you think they and the prosecution services were infallible? Stop looking around everywhere but in your own backyard for the problem. Start slamming islamic fascism for what it is. Backwards and a stain on every Muslim wog. Coming straight outta the mosque.

First step, is get up off the floor. Sitting right on the floor like a common goatherd is doin' nuthin' for your image, right?

Next step, all mosque, all English language all the time in Oz. Full stop.

After that step, remove every copy of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion from every Islamic bookshelf everywhere and have the media cover the convoy when you take them all down to some art studio where some artist can burn them and make them into a sculpture of glass and ash - nice way to put paid to the idiotic Middle eastern obsession with hating jews which bores the rest of us to tears. Do not take them to the paper recycling because some idiot imam will lover that - the idea that the protocols will get all distributed around the world. you can hear him now, laughing his idiot laugh and squealing with little boy delight at the prospect. And a big ol' bookburning. Well. She is outta the question, right? Right.

Double after that step, Friday prayers - if you must - to be immediately followed by Friday cricket - it is summer now, or nearly right? day light saving means lovely late night light. Youse are no less Muslims and Lebs cos youse play cricket. Folks just want to not have to think about how crazy Lebs are, yeah? Give us all a break. Play some fucking cricket and act normal for a change.

Urgh. they are crawling, I tells ya...but even crawling they'll get there...eventually....urgh. Why is it taking so long?
:: WB 2:55 am [link+] ::

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