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:: Sunday, 29 February 2004 ::

Top Post from the Head Heeb all about who is on which side of the Israel fence thingy in that court. You know.

:: WB 12:06 am [link+] ::
:: Saturday, 28 February 2004 ::
This gives me the shits. And so does this.

Via Prof Bunyip and Tim Blair and the Gnu Hunter - these two items say a lot - a steaming pile, actually - about the State of Play in Glorious Oz.

And the State of Play is this:
Muslim whining about perceived but non-existent victimhood in Oz 1 v indifferent skips and wogs just going about their business occasionally noticing how freaking freaky their Muslim neighbours actually are 0.

Why do I reckon the Muslim folks are winning?

Cos they are the only ones playing.

No one gives a shit about Hilaly and Trad or any Muslim folks anywhere in this wide brown land.

Not a shit.

Unless and until one of 'em does something really offensive. Like fail to unabiguously condemn terrorism as practices by Muslim folks, as well as others.

Like suing some pastor for his maybe impolite review of the Koran.

Just be grateful the Pastor has a copy of the Koran in his hand - he is that much closer to reading about, understanding and maybe respecting Muslim faith.

And just be grateful that here in Oz you cannot be deported as an Oz citizen, even though the remarks made in the Lebanon are clearly unAustralian because they put your faith above the nation.

Hilaly should hold a press conference and say he was taken out of context and then go on to say that every one of the blokes involved in Sept 11 is in hell for their calculated murder and their debasing a great faith.

And the whiners in Vic complaining about the Pastor should withdraw their complaint, saying they were offended by the pastor's words, and they feel that starting the action was enough to make their views known, but they do not see the value of the law if it would cause the pastor to be imprisoned.

That way they each save wog face, but they get out of their own stupid mess.

Swear to God, mates, these blokes keep up the whole 'I am muslim before anything else' thing and might very well be time to......to......o mo Go' I am gonna type it....write a play! Get a gumment grant and write a play called:

"How come wogs in Oz, 'cepting for Muslim wogs but, are not fucked? Oh right. Because they do not behave in a fucked fashion. G'uh."

Reckon I could clear some handy cash for that multiculti theatre experience.

Stupid Muslim wog men idiots.

Thank Jeebus for these wogs - they get it. It is possible to be a wog in Oz and be real tied up in your wogness, but not allow it to run your life to the point where you want to the whole country overrun by folks who think just like you!

Love the Tiboldis.

Favourite line:

"Coff's Harbour has the Big Banana. And Goulburn has the Big Merino. Here's hoping Werribee does not catch on."

Ahh. I feel better now.

UPDATE: That did not last long. Now I am unhappy again. From Snoop D in Milano I get alerted to this. I really do think someone needs to whack this guy.

Smith, I mean.

Not the Pope.

Not this Pope.

:: WB 11:59 pm [link+] ::
Hey. Al Jazeera is running this 'Bin Laden surrounded' thing

:: WB 11:21 pm [link+] ::
:: Sunday, 22 February 2004 ::
I know this has been getting around, but it is good to know not all Iraqis are negative like Riverbend
:: WB 1:44 am [link+] ::
Triffic post from the Ombudsgod
:: WB 1:34 am [link+] ::
Hmmm. Got a problem.

Gay marriage is giving me grief.

Bride and groom just does not equal first and second applicant. I am with Chris Pearson on this and I reckon he puts it pretty durned well in his opinion piece from yesterdxay's The Aus.

See, if I am sitting in a bar and I am asked by a man "are you married?" all I need to do is nod or not nod. And if I nod, there is ahole subtext of meaning, not the least of which is 'mess with this woman and there's a bloke somewhere who could beat the crap outta me'.

I never want to be asked by a woman if I am married. But that's just me. No big deal.

But I got a gay buddy who I respect. A lot. And he says marriage should be the same for all citizens, gay or straight.

I cannot get past bride and groom.

I cannot get past gender.

It just ain't marriage if its two grooms. It's gay marriage.

And for me that is a very different thing. It is a committment thing for sure. With real love, and real adultery, and real divorce, and real superannuation and real succession rights.

But it is gay marriage. And it should be called that.

Because it simply is not actual marriage. Historical marriage. Bride and groom marriage that exists in every country on earth.

That is real marriage. Gay marriage is something else. And gay committment and love is not a reason to change my kind of marriage. It is a reason to create a gay kind of marriage.

I do not want my kinda marriage getting messed up with gay stuff.

Urgh. This is very difficult.

:: WB 1:08 am [link+] ::
Penny Wong. Wog Wanker.

PENNY WONG, LABOR SENATOR FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIA: With John Howard, you always have to read the fine print.

In 1996, when he launched his campaign slogan, "For all of us".

We should have seen the footnote with the exceptions - "For all of us" does not include Australians who depend on Medicare, Australians who rely on public schools or Australians trying to balance work and family life.

The Howard Government thinks like the members of one of those exclusive private clubs - certain people need not apply.

But why should we be surprised?

I remember John Howard calling for a reduction in Asian immigration when I was young.

I don't know what was in his heart, but I do know what it meant for me and my family and for others like us.

When John Howard says he governs for all of us, he really means for some of us.

I'm Penny Wong.

Do you see this? Can you believe it? What a sanctimonius patronising toerag Asian girlie. She is a successful politician in Oz with absolutely no reason to complain about her lot in life, bleating about 'one of those exclusive private clubs'....hmmm, could she mean the Marconi Club? Naaa, she probly means The Veneto Club? Or the Abruzzi Club?

Incredible and so typical of Labor. Still talking about class, when there is no class-divide in Oz. There is just money and education. And all of us, even poor little Penny - who John Howard apparently personally tried to block from entering Oz back in the 70's otherwise why mention such old news - can partake if we get off our fat arses, pay attention in school, and life halfway decently.

Christ almighty, give me stength. Penny needs to understand it was not just John Howard who was complaining about the Asian invasion. It was the unions of her bloody party, and I am quite comfortable to add, it was my Ma and my Pa.

Why am I comfortable about it? Cos letting folks in is a big bloody deal, and it is worth asking the question - who, how, when, how many? It is not the end of the world if you ask the question and it is not the end of the world if you conclude: more educated wogs from all over and not just Asian wogs, under work viasa, asap, 20k p.a.

I cannot stand it when wogs play the victim of whitebread skippies. They never were victims. Not seriously.

Wogs can do anything.

And as Penny Wong demonstrates, they can be hypocritical in the extreme - successful, but still thinking of themsleves as victims.


:: WB 12:37 am [link+] ::
I should think so

Retrospective criminal law.

What planet did that come from? Planet Arse.

:: WB 12:19 am [link+] ::
Earnest Tedium

Prof Bunyip has a post up about 'Plath the Picture' and I was unfortunate to catch a review of 'Julia Roberts does Feminism' today, an equally pointless exercise venerating foolish women of the past.

Two Fools.

At one point the Roberts character rails angrily in the film about some girdle advertising. The script: " 'Buy a girdle and free your life." What does that mean. What. Does. That. Even. Mean?? Grrrr."

It simple means somewhere there's a bloke running a girdle factory with about ooh, maybe 40 employees, who is trying to sell some girdles, so he can buy some better machines from the bloke running the machine factory with its ooh, 60 employees, and they're both paying rent to the landlord property developer who's also involved in a housing property development to build homes for folks...etc etc.

You get the picture.

Julia Roberts characteracter does not.

Never enters her pretty head.

Cos its too chock full of thoughts about how wronged she is. Feminists then as now think about themselves all the time. The react to everything. 'How do I feel about this advert? Could it be oppressing me? I think I am oppressed by it. Grrrr.'

Pathetic. Actually pathetic.

Just like Naomi Wolf's allegations of harrassment 20 years ago. 'He touched me up. 20 years ago. I did not like it. My career is successful. But it happened to me. Me me me. I want justice. Even though it will not achieve anything except give me a feeling of justice. Me me me.'

God help us.

They cannot and never were able to see past themselves, whether it was Friedan or Steinem or Summers or any of the other dragons of the 50's and 60's and 70's or even Wolf now.

They railed against their underwear when the only reason bras and girdles were even around and popular, was because some women's bodies were gorgeous and perky and others were flabby and saggy and those f&s girls needed help to look gorgeous.

No big deal. Just usual female envy and vanity going on, as always.

Railing against doing the housework. Now railing about glass ceilings in the workplace and the absence of free child care for their stinking bairns.

Every feminist I know has a fat arse, a filthy house and is disgusted that tax payers won't let them dump their kiddies at day care for free, and preferrably right next door.

That is the great triumph of the feminist icons, Frieden and Steinem and Summers and now Wolf - that generations of girlies are now liberated enough, if they want to be, to have no shame about being pains in the arse. To have no shame even about making 'girle ads' of their own.

Every editor of every stupid women's magazine in Oz with the diet pages and the chocalate cake recipes and the 13 year olds modelling clothes is a woman.

Every one.

Same goes internationally for cosmetics businesses.

Nothing Julia Roberts' character would even have contemplated.

Why does it give me the shits so much? Cos wog women know a little something about real patriarchal society, real machismo, the horror of being chatted up by a Turk bloke. Ewww. Wog women know that liberation is not some Plath-like whitebread concept of oppression in ads and the horror of one's rank poems going unread.

Liberation is a serious matter.

And for me, whitebread liberation was never sincere about women at all. It was only ever about those particular women who never once stopped thinking about themsleves.

Just themselves.

:: WB 12:15 am [link+] ::
:: Sunday, 15 February 2004 ::
Top top post about European corruption

Now, the point of reciting these tales of hypocrisy and corruption within the EU (and there are plenty of other stories where they came from) is not to exonerate Berlusconi. All those wrongs don't make a right. At the same time, they do make the indignation over the Italian prime minister look a little, well, selective. For an explanation, forget the dodgy dealings back in Italy. Berlusconi's real crime is something far worse — he is a capitalist, a conservative (of sorts) and, horrors, an Atlanticist, and in today's increasingly intolerant Europe the reward for such heresy is meant to be political and legal destruction.

And that's the real scandal.

I like Silvio a lot. I know he is vain. I know he likes to make money. I know there is something going on in his family because his wife will not go out with him anywhere.

I also know he is not a drunk. He loves his country and culture and never ever thinks for a moment that maybe Germany and France might be better. P'uh, zif.

He has definitely paid bribes to folks in the past - who of his age in Italian business has not had to put up with the scourge of organised crime - Mani Pullite "Clean Hands" - amemba that big ol' justice operation that netted tax cheats and bribers galore, even my beloved Gianfranco Ferre (it does not get much better than his 2000 Autumn/Winter collection, but I digress).

But he does not interfere in Italian media which is sickeningly leftist - swear to God, one more show with Dario Fo and Roberto Benigni and I will....willl....oh, nothing of course. It is such a top country, how can anyone think of harming it?

But Europe has fantastic scandals wholly reflective of the wogness going on in each culture. France is all mistresses and fraud, often involving truly disgusting connections, like African dictators, and nearly always socialisth, as Stuttaford's article points out. Yetch.

Italy is all organised crime, drugs and tax fraud. Ancient and noble pursuits. Ahem.

Germany is all self-serving bureacratic cheating on expenses and hypocrisy.

Albania is all sex slave trading and illegal immigration.

Greece is all Olympic kickbacks and communist terrorism and illegal loans to Oz - more Greeks in Melbourne than in Greece, I think. Or close. Whatever. I am not actually interested.

Russia, sadly of late, is all cheap capitalist rubbish and organised crime

I could go on but I figure you get the picture.

Nobody is perfect. No country is flawless.

We are all bent.

Just some are prettier about it than others.

Rock on Silvio.

:: WB 1:21 am [link+] ::
This, however, is not funny. This is war.

It is the freak text of the al-Zarqawi letter found intercepted in Iraq.

He sure does hate them Shia Muslim folks.

A pessimist would look at these ramblings and conclude that Iraq will soon be a toilet of horror. And a pessimist would look at this god awful story of kidnapping told by Riverbend (scroll up for her next god awful entry too - they have to be read to get a proper picture of Iraq after reading Salam Pax and Zeyad and Iraq Now - and think well, maybe the counrty is a toilet right now.

But how can it be while ever folks are blogging? Thinking feeling folks with friends lovers family and cares for the future. People who care about their own future.


This comes from Belmont Club and it puts it perfectly to my mind:

Yesterday at Fallujah, Islamic terrorists "staged simultaneous morning assaults on three police stations, a civil defense base and the mayor's office". In the future many observations will be made of this battle: that the Al Qaeda timed their assaults to coincide with US unit rotations through Iraq; that they chose the moment when the baton is passing from US soldier to Iraqi policeman. But if the Iraqi nation goes on to live another hundred years, it will remember this:

Officers from the 82nd Airborne Division stationed a 10-minute drive away could hear the battle clearly. They offered help but the Hammad said it wasn't needed. The Americans did provide additional ammunition and weapons, including light machine guns. After the battle, soldiers at the civil defense base proudly displayed a light machine gun and a pair of rocket propelled grenade launchers they had captured from the attackers.

That when dying and bleeding, beset by the flower of terrorism, with pistol to set against automatic rifle and grenade, the Iraqi police did not ask for help from 82nd Airborne. They asked for ammunition.

They asked for some help but they set to work to actually do the fighting themselves.

They can do it themselves. Beat off the terrorist jackholes, I mean.

Of course they can. They're wogs.

Wogs can do anything.

:: WB 12:58 am [link+] ::
Lousy women drivers make me wanna go live in Saudi

Wog humour from Bahrain.

It's funny for so many reasons. Mahmood is a delight.

:: WB 12:43 am [link+] ::
:: Saturday, 14 February 2004 ::
Bob Gottleibsen's Got Me

In all the papers today, with the inane creaming of journalists pants everywhere over Howard's 'backflip' on super - the man is 198 years old - he flips, he dies - one commentator is fair about Latham and the future of the fucking country if the fatheaded prick stays on his current idiot course of books for babies who cannot read, reduced super for polis, no free trade agreement with the US, no Medicare saftey net just broken Medicare left in place til Labor can ride to the rescue, kiddies in detention centres taken away from their parents in detention centres, and blah blah blah.

It is Bob.

Bob rocks.

:: WB 1:32 am [link+] ::

This whole superannuation business with Fatheaded Lardarse Latham and Howard, who has started talking for too long when he answers questions (you noticed?), is making me nauseous. Or maybe its the 800 Codrals I'm taking daily.


Fixing the super is terribly important for Latham. And Howard has adopted it for incoming parliamentarians but not retrospectively and not for judges.

Why has this happened? Because political folks like Bill O'Chee for the Nationals and Natasha Stott Despoja for some party no one can remember, are super young folks who can retire and get over $50k a year for the rest of their lives. And that's not the kinda support regular folks outside politics can get.

So it is all to do with parliamentarians not being entitled to better conditions than regular folks.

Latham's policy is to even out super for polis and regular folks. Get it to be more like the arrangements for regular folks.

Okeedokie. But what next? Rostered days off and overtime payments? Wouldn't put it past Labor but anyway.

Typically for a bloke who has never had a job, Latham does not understand how wages and super interact. Howard does, which is why he is not intending to apply this stupid super thing to judges, and why he was bleating about how wages for polis are low relative to the private sector and that is why entitlements are high.

Latham would not know or understand that the really talented folks of this earth work in private. Barristers who are way better than judges, don't seek a bench appointment because quite frankly, the pay is lousy and you have to get to the end before the entitlements kick in.

I am not at all surprised Latham would bother us with this super business - the usual Labor disgust at the mere thought that someone somewhere might be doing a good job and getting ahead in life perfectly legally. Yes, even where that someone is a politician. Or a judge.

He might like to life is some stinking Westie hole but some of us out here are actually aspirational, instead of just theoretically so like Lardarse.

This just stinks. I accept Howard's rationale - get this crap subject off the agenda now. But jeez, it just makes me puke.

And where is the quid pro quo argument for Labor to stop its freaking rorts with that lease business I forget about?

:: WB 1:19 am [link+] ::
:: Wednesday, 11 February 2004 ::
Let us blog the 7.30 report, eh?

First report about free trade - editorialising from an economics 'reporter' opening with the free trade agreement as a Howard wedge (wha'??), concluding with a sad defeated note, that the free trade agreement with the US will probably go ahead.

Second report about some Palestinian dickhead on Manus Island in detention still cos he won't stop appealing his unsuccessful "refugee" claim and he is all alone there, so tax dollars spent per detainee are huge. No apology from Amanda Vanstone, who says the Palestinian could have made his claim in Indonesia but he chose not to, even though he has no right to choose Oz over Indonesia and the off-shore stuff is what has stopped people smuggling to Oz and it works so it is money well spent. Shoot to Labor goon saying blah blah blah 'we will not be paying Nauru and Manus Islands', we will let them in and incarcerate them in South Australia and blah blah. And who is the Palestinian's lawyer? Eric Vardalis. Baktiari boys - amemba? Loser. That Palestinian ain't going nowhere with incompetent legal representation of that sort.

Third report about a Palestinian female would-be suicide bomber, now in prison, and all she reads in her precious Koran wearing her stupid veil while Israeli guards have to listen to her tell them how when she leaves she's gonna blow herself up. I say give the stupid moll a grenade and get it over with oin her cell. I got no time for that osrt of unthinking predestioned violence.

Next report, crocodile hunting in the Northern Territory by Aboriginal folks. One cool guy saying 'they are not really good for nothing, so we wanna hunt 'em on accounta how we've hunted 'em for ever'. I agree, sir. And then, oh dear, the welfare of the croc is paramount and economic gain is not enough on its own and blah blah from the RSPCA. Well. How about some Aboriginal cultural activity getting limited ie 25 crocs per hunter, support, to cull the freaky lizards and manage their population a bit.

All in all, usual editorialising passing for reporting, unbalanced treatment of illegal immigration matters. Kid glove treatment of disgusting Palestinian cult of death.

And closing with a humourous piece about crocs, when in fact that piece of all of them really raises a serious matter - what do you do when culture rubs up against animal rights nutters. Not grappled with here but. Oh well.

And then an ad for a show on later about Margaret Thatcher. What do you reckon? Hagiography? Nope. Balanced view? No siree. Antiantianti screed? You betcha.



:: WB 1:03 am [link+] ::
Labor Goose Stephen Conroy on the FTA

Here's 24 hours on, farmers have still been dudded. There's no more good news today than there was yesterday for Australian farmers, particularly sugar farmers, dairy and beef. They are still facing 18-years' wait. No cow alive today will make it onto an American barbecue. That's just the bottom line.

Who cares if the cow is 18 years old or a vealer. We just wanna sell it to someone who wants to eat in the US. Sliced diced stewed fried seared or raw in a carpaccio. In the US.

Jesus, eh? This is the best Labor can do? They complain Oz farmers are not able to sell cows right now. Mad. They can sell stuff now, including some sugar within the limits we have to live with from those Florida sugar mafiosi. If there is no Free Trade agreement passed here in Oz, our farmers can keep on keeping on.

With the Free Trade agreement they should be able to sell more.

And more sales is more money for Oz.

What is it about folks who cannot see the good in this? Check this thread from the ABC. I mean, talk about your constant "harping and carping" (to quote Labor's Julia Gillard in today's Malcolm Farr piece in the Tele that I cannot find a link for).


:: WB 12:27 am [link+] ::
I am not well today

Home early to sweat and cough and splutter. All the way through Parliamentary Question Time.

What a stoush.

Prime Minister not backing down one inch. He let Pixie rude have it both barrel's: "If we followed your advice Saddam would still be in power. That's the uncomfortable truth for you and your ilk. I don't apologise for our action." Or something like that, only lasting a lot longer and shouting part of the time as Pixie got all bothered at having the uncomfortable truth pointed out to him.

McClelland (?) asked a bit of a silly question of Ruddock about amalgamating ASIO and other spook agencies into one big 24x7x365 agency and asking why it has to take 8 months to get that done, the implication being we are all naked in our beds til the 8 months are up. Ruddock rightly, and no shouting, pointed out that there is that cover now but the new agency will be at it from April on account it takes time to hire folks and train them and then be confident to roster them round the clock, and then get the new digs settled by July. Fair point. And kinda showed up McClelland's question as a silly one - I mean you don't set up a new agency in under 8 months. Cripes. If you do, it ain't exactly gonna be thoroughly done, eh?. These two guys are class acts in my view. Enough respect to make the real info meaningful. McClelland's the only one behaving like that on the Labor front bench but.

Vaile did some sterling swatting off of stupid Labor negativity on the Free Trade deal, pointing out that cars alone make the deal worth it. No back foot there. The question was from some Labor gone I forget, something like 'how does it feel to have settled an agreement that is worse than the deal the US has with Chile and the one with El Salvador...'. Vaile pointed out that Oz is no tinpot Latin American sinkhole of corruption and poverty circa 1980. It is Oz. G'uh. Natch we do not need a leg up from the US. We just need some doors opened for our trade.

Abbot got a question about Medicare from Gillard Labor I think and he used it to go Latham a beaut, revealing Latham has stolen his new ladder of opportunity rhetoric from George W Bush who used it in 2000, who stole it from Reagan who used it in the 80's who stole it from Churchill way back when. Nice. I can't stand how Latham paints himself as creative when he is Whitlam lite in a time of terror. The most inappropriate type of potential leader in my view.

And Costello - whooee - he got a softball question from a Liberal gone about consumer confidence being up and he used it to shoot Latham over interest rates, budget surpluses, tax, need for stability and long term planning.

I give the contest to the Gumment.

But then again, I am hopped up on goofballs and juice. What would I know.

Do. Not. Answer.

:: WB 12:11 am [link+] ::
:: Tuesday, 10 February 2004 ::
Jesus wept

:: WB 11:08 am [link+] ::
Pemmmmbo in the Tele

Calling the dumb wogs out

....the purveyors of terror are usually so daftly comical that it is hard to take them seriously.

Willie Brigitte and Melanie Brown are an SBS comedy.

Melanie Brown has often been described as someone who was searching for herself – in her case a quest similar to driving to Brisbane via Albury, Dapto and Wilcannia.

Army reservist, Jewish lesbian, handy Australian Rules footballer, dutiful Muslim wife of French terror suspect.

With that background, she could have saved herself the trouble and had a private holy war by bunging a tea-towel on her head and chucking rocks at herself outside the old synagogue.

You can't ridicule these people, of course.

You can't ridicule anyone who may or may not have been privy to a plot to blow up parts of Australia. It's un-Australian.

Lawyers such as Adam Houda _ who should really open a restaurant – and Steven Hopper become indignant when the people they represent, that is alleged terrorists and their cohorts, are ridiculed in any way.

We should keep ridiculing them, as ridiculing these drongos is a handy defence mechanism for that great bulk of people who like the idea of not being blown up at their desk or in a nightclub.

However, whether it is Mohammed Atta and his aviating pals having a lap dance and a bottle of Johnnie Walker before launching their moral crusade against western decadence, or mad Mel's amour fou for the Frog-man, the moral of the story may be, the more stupid the threat, the more seriously it should be treated.

:: WB 11:06 am [link+] ::
Mike Hawash declares his guilt and apologises, saying he has no one to blame but himself and he got caught up in deep feeling after Sept 11.

Amemba him? Computer programmer. Darling of Phillip Adams Late Night Live commentators.

Wonder what is going to happen to this website?

Imbeciles. And so were all his god awful mates.

Hawash, a U.S. citizen for 15 years and apparently a model suburban dad, told the court that he is proud to be an American, recalling his pride when he voting in his first election.

He attributed his crime to religious and emotional confusion in the highly charged times after the hijack attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001, but added, "I do not blame anybody but myself."

Judge Robert E. Jones, who last November called Battle and Ford an "insult" to the Muslim faith, noted on Monday that one of his court officers was a U.S. military pilot in Afghanistan when the group tried to enter that country.

"You might have killed my extern sitting right here," Jones said, "That is a very, very serious act."

:: WB 10:55 am [link+] ::
:: Friday, 6 February 2004 ::
Top post from Nelson Ascher at Europundits

:: WB 2:09 pm [link+] ::
Top post from Dissident Frogman

And listen to his red button song. It's a toe tapper.

:: WB 2:07 pm [link+] ::
Sick connections that make me feel sick

Pollard is wounded by his team's loss. My team's doing fine but Mr Delightful, the impossibly handsome Roberto Mancini might, maybe might, be going to Pollard's loser team next season.


:: WB 1:42 am [link+] ::
Lileks again, for Friday. This time on great tunes of the 80's

Ahem, little man, I say (even tho' I 'preciate it was no fulsome list).

No Ian Dury & The Blockheads? I want to be Straight is one of the 80's greatest efforts.

No Madness? One Step Beyond.

No Specials? Message to you Rudy.

Clash? Rock the Casbah.

Did The Cars do "My Best Friend's Girl" in the 80's?

Oooh, just remembered, Freeze Frame - lordy, I think that was the J Geils Band or some such. Or was that the 90's. I dunno. I really liked brandy in the 80's and the 90's was Primo Estate Colombard by the triple litre of a nighttime.

Anyhoo, to continue, I am with Lileks on the "Der Kommissar" and so with him on the "What I like about you".

Patrick Hernandez "Born to be Alive."

Whatever that Devo offshoot was that did "How can the labouring man find time for self-culture."

Stevie Ray Vaughan. George Thorogood. XTC.

Hey. Now I think on it, it was not such a crappy decade for sounds after all.

:: WB 1:28 am [link+] ::
So much fantabulous writing and linking online

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:: Wednesday, 4 February 2004 ::
Blair says we do not need a committee to determine whether or not we should have gone to war.

To do so is not only wrong - because the decision is a matter for government and it is neither wrong nor right, but a matter for the government and the government will be judged at the polls - but it is profoundly undemocratic because no one elects the committees.

Blair rocks.

And the BBC coverage is woeful. All they want is an attack on Blair and they are disappointed Howard of the Tories is not bothering and the Liberal Democrats are left with their weak bleating to turn back time and make everything chocolate covered sultanas again. In fact they had talking heads b labber over some incendiary work by Blair on Iraq itself, ending with "I think it was the right decision, I think removing Saddam has made the world a safer place, I think we are better placed now to deal with WMD and I think the British people should be proud of what we have achieved."


Goo wog name.

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Ma reckons the bus that Latham was on was 'Blue Ribbon' bus.

I got no idea if it was or not, but the ol' gal has contact lenses so she can see. She thinks this is hilarious. 'Blue Ribbon' = 'Liberal'. She figures Latham does not like to slum it like a reeaaallll Westie.

Plus she figures Latham, as self-declared hater of Liberals, hates her. So, she hates him back.

I know Ma well.

Latham is toast.

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:: Tuesday, 3 February 2004 ::
Somebody do something!

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Toxic Wog

There's one in every whitebread politician's life.

And Senator John Kerry Stateside has one too (for Kaus you gotta scroll to the entry titled "How is John Kerry's office like a subway? A: You have to put in coins to open gates!". Nice.

Amemba Khemlani and the loans affair for Whitlam?

Amemba that Dante Tan Philippino bigwig and Karim Kisrwani, Lebanese migration agent with the allegations of 'donations' to the Liberal Party for for Ruddock in exchange for visas and stuff?

Amemba the chubby Greek piggery partner Achilles (Al) Constantinidis for Paul Keating?

Toxic wogs, all.

There's plenty more but who can be bothered linking.

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:: Monday, 2 February 2004 ::
Typical Hindu cow bias

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Anne Summers. Eeediot.

Quoting Alternet.org. Molly Ivins. New York Times. The West Wing. And John Kerry.

Swear to God, what this moll knows about politics you could write on the head of a pin.

I got into a robust argument with the her one night at a pub in Sydney. We got to talking about which word is worse.

C*nt. Or B*tch.

I said the latter.

She said the former.

Needless to say, I was right then and remain so now. B*tch is popular word, used freely by folks who don't like girlies. It means mean, nasty, malevolent, deliberately unkind. It presumes girlies have to be nice and lovely and soft and sweet and weak so when they arc up about the tiniest thing they get an epiphet that misdescribes them entirely.

C*nt's just a porn word. No big deal at all. "Dumb c*nt" is a pretty horrible way to be described by anyone. But that's our Annie, who doesn't seem to know Iowa was a caucus, not a primary. "Sour c*nt" is even worse. But who says that in polite conversation? Well, me actually. When I am being impolite and having a robust discussion with some anti-war automaton.

But other than me (cos I do not have a problem with the word), basically nobody.

So it is hardly worse. It is hardly used.

B*tch, on the other hand, gets bandied about by girlies and blokes for no good reason at all. Far more insidious in my view.

Anyhoo, Anne Summers is a dog.

Now that, my friends, is a real lousy word.


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Who's burning books then?

Why the BBC of course.


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