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:: Friday, 30 December 2005 ::


What a fabulous fillum. Jackson has made his version of his favorite movie, with a whole heap of love. Lordy, if you can watch Kong and not feel moved to tears, well, ya got no heart.
Although, he does kill an awful lotta people...

Seriously, go to the cinema for this one.
:: WB 12:55 am [link+] ::
:: Saturday, 17 December 2005 ::

Think about it. The sculpture is 3 metres long and weighes 2 tonnes. It had to be moved on a flatbed truck. The whole theft was caught on CCTV.

Where on earth is it going? Presumably. since England is saturated with CCTV, the authorities will have been able to pick the lorry up on a motorway or something.

If it was taken as art then it has either gone straight to its destination for display, in someone's big old estate prolly, or it has to be on its way to a dockside container for international shipping to someone's big old estate somewhere.

The perps will have to be art folks, who can arrange a heist of this...dimension, withut damaging the artwork. Prolly not wogs.

But if it was taken as scrap metal, which is a theory getting mooted, then for sure the perps are wogs.

For sure.
:: WB 1:54 pm [link+] ::

The riots on December 10 broke out when crowds of mainly white Australians turned out at the beach suburb of Cronulla to vent anger against gangs of Australians of Lebanese descent, who they blamed for a gang attack on two surf life guards the week before.

Television pictures showed ugly scenes of white gangs targetting anyone of Middle-Eastern appearance. Police used capsicum spray and batons to quell the rioters.

Later that night, and subsequent nights, gangs of youths of Middle-Eastern background retaliated by rampaging through ?white? suburbs smashing cars and buildings.

There was only one riot. Not more than one. Sheesh.

And plus the blame for the attacks on the lifeguards is entirely deserved. Because the Muslim Lebs did it.


Apart from the weaselly inaccuracy, this is as a good a description of what's gone on of late as you will find anywhere.
:: WB 1:33 pm [link+] ::
:: Friday, 16 December 2005 ::

An Alfa at the Pantheon.

Roman parking.


Love it.
:: WB 10:44 pm [link+] ::

Banging on about wogs in school and missing the point entirely that violent, thuggish intimidating Muslim Leb behaviour in Sydney is why this whole problem has begun to start with.

I mean, check this out:

It is almost an iron law of Australia today that the children of non-English speaking immigrants are better educated than the Aussies and Poms; that women of all backgrounds generally are better educated than men; and that wog women sit at the head of the class, outperforming not just the Aussie boys and girls but their wog brothers as well. The possible exception are Lebanese girls. They don't eclipse Lebanese boys and are slightly behind Australian girls.

So how do these facts square with your gut call? Does it mean Lebanese are less Australian than, say, Greeks? Or is the bigger story here not the attitude of some Lebanese boys to Australian girls but the cultural handcuffs their parents place on their Lebanese sisters?

Yes, Muslims Leb Australians are less Australian overall than Greeks Australians. The Greeks do not form gangs to threaten intimidate and upset skips.

No, the bigger question is not Leb culture, it is the behaviour of Muslim Leb violent thuggish jackasses.

Jeez, why is a wog like Megalogenis apologising for these jackasses? He hates Howard, the imbecile.

Try this:
But a few hundred boys behaving badly can't provoke the headline "race riot" on their own. The public reaction spells confusion and anger with Howard's Australia, not comfort and relaxation. The question that needs to be asked is: Why, at the 15-year mark of a boom, does everyone appear to be so grumpy again?

Okay, slowly for Georgie, cos he's Greek: because of the Muslim Leb violent behaviour that folks are sick of, and the Muslim Leb inability to apologise when they are in the wrong.

That is why George.

He has more, but. Brace yourselves:
Our leaders exhort Muslim clerics to tone down their language so impressionable young minds aren't tempted to become a suicide bombers. But they don't see the link between Anglo mobs bashing men and women of "Middle Eastern appearance" and the terror cards they play against Australians of Muslim faith.

Anglo mobs? Plural now, you see, when there was just one incident last Sunday afternoon and days and days of Muslim Leb "retaliation" for the shit they started. Bashing? Who? How many? Barely any, and not nearly as many folks as Muslkim Leb violent gang thuggery has assaulted and battered over years.

Here is George's analysis of Howards mistaken priorities:
...look carefully at what Howard has been doing differently on immigration to all his predecessors, Labor and Coalition.

First, Howard turned the [immigration - ed] intake on its head by giving more than half the spots to those with skills. That meant goodbye to the blue-collar wogs and their grandparents, because the family reunion component was also wound back. Second, Howard removed the zealousness from multiculturalism. Finally, he slashed public funding for higher education during the late 1990s.


These are the mistaken priorities of Howard's Australia. The individual is celebrated over the community. The entrepreneur over the wage slave. The worker over the shirker. Private schools and hospitals over public systems. Skilled immigrants over the misfits from the existing intakes.

And this explains Muslim Leb thuggishness that makes sane people hate their Muslim Leb violent thuggish guts?


Like it explains all the Italian and Greek thuggishness too. Cos you know, we are all such troublemakers, there are often 5000 folks turn up of a Sunday to protest our behaviour.

Cripes, eh?
:: WB 10:13 pm [link+] ::

Gabrielle Casey, wrote a book called "Puberty Blues" about 50 years ago all about 2 slutty skippy 14 year olds who want desperately to get laid by imbecilic surfer boys.

I think. It was made into a movie about 40 years ago or something. Whatever. It is not important.

The Sydney Morning Herald has asked her what she thinks of all the Muslim Leb violence and skippy violence that has happened, on account of how .... hang on, the relevance escapes me...oh yeah, she has been to a beach.

I mean, puke, really.

Anyhoo, John Howard is at fault, and skippy chauvanism is just as bad as Muslim Leb misogyny and violence and assault and intimidation.

According to Gabrielle. Who hates Howard, like a good little goose-stepping arts luvvie should.

Let us "enjoy" Gabrielle's careful stylings, eh?

According to many Cronulla people, what happened last Sunday was the result of years of putting up with unacceptable public behaviour by Middle Eastern, mostly Lebanese, men.

"We've had enough," they said. The disrespect for other people's space on the beach had been going on for too long. This was compounded by disrespect, they said, particularly for women. As a former surfie chick, I have to say I find this a little ironic.

Cronulla beach, as I experienced it, was never known for its respect for women. By saying that, however, I don't mean to show a preference for one group of men who harass women over another.

There, see it?

It is all about Gabriele and her preferences. Nothing about actual blame, genuine judgement, real culpability getting identified.

And isn't she arch? "...a preference for one group of men who harass women over another." Oh Ha. Ha. Ha, Gabriele, so very clever.

One group gang bangs skippy girls cos they are 'Aussie Pigs" another group harrasses skippy Aussie girls who desperately want to be laid by them.

Jeez, woman, you wrote a frickin' book about it. You were one of those girls.

Noooo, all equal in Gabriele's idiot world.

But check this bit out:

Recently, I was reluctantly dragged along to the end-of-year drama night at North Sydney Boys High School (to see my daughter's boyfriend).
The most moving moment was when a dance group of about a dozen students came on stage, each boy obviously from a different ethnic background: Chinese, Irish, Korean, Sri Lankan, Indian, Swedish, English, Iranian, Croatian, South African and Somalian, as well as your average suntanned Anglo.

As I sat and watched them move so beautifully and harmoniously, I almost wept.
The next morning, I went to watch the boyfriend's soccer semi-final. Many of the same boys were there
These boys had found a different way to demonstrate their masculinity; a different way of being boys. These young men would never be part of any mob. This is the new man, I thought, a profoundly different kind of male from the boys I had known in my teens.

Notice anything about this?

Milo give me strength, not a Muslim Leb man among the beautiful boys she describes.

Djathink Gabrielle gets this?

These young fellows are conscious, whereas many of the young men in Cronulla, as well as in Lakemba, are not. They are acting out of unconscious impulses, irrational anger and misinterpretations of history.

As I was writing this, I received a spam email addressed to "Sons and Daughters of Anzacs", appealing to me to come to Cronulla on Sunday in the tradition of "the men who protected us from invasion and threats in years gone by".

"Bring yourself, your mates, anyone you know of fighting age, and whatever devices you see fit to defend yourself and your country," it said.

The best and the only device I would like to offer is that of consciousness and self-knowledge. The "other" is also within.


For me to poop on.

In Gabrielle's craazy world, all this is about maleness and a lack of "the dance" or something in the lives of skegs and Muslim Lebs.

Honestly, woman, how many times does it need to be said. Cronulla has not got a problem with ...Chinese, Irish, Korean, Sri Lankan, Indian, Swedish, English, Iranian, Croatian, South African and Somalian, as well as your average suntanned Anglo.

She thinks her email is just appalling.

Wonder what she tinks of this from 'OZ Skullcracker':
Fuck you Aussie faggots, i wish I was in Cronulla that night so I could crack some of your worthless quasi-nazi skulls. who the fuck cares about aussie women anyway? lebanese women are 10X as beautiful.

See it? An authentic Muslim Leb scumbag.
:: WB 7:33 pm [link+] ::

If you can make it through this confused bit of...orunno, I think it is wog-whinineg from the Daily Telegraph and get some sort of point, well, Gunda Din and all that.

The writer is lumping all wogs into what has happened in Cronulla and Maroubra over the last week.

As if the original violence at Cronulla was committed by all wogs and the violence the following Sunday was directed at all wogs.

As if any discussion of multiculturalism and its flaws somehow makes all wogs the scapegoat and ought to be censored or something.

No, mate. I know plenty of Italians agree with Blainey et al.

It is not Italians, not us Italian wogs, who are getting blamed. Not Greeks, Spaniards, Portugeezers either.

This is all about Muslim Lebs.

Let us try this test, eh? How about a headline "It's too easy to blame Muslim Lebs"?


Yeah, you see the point now, right? Cos quite frankly they are to blame. And that fact, that they are to blame, does not detract one iota from crazy skippy violence so stop yourself pegging me asna apologist for it, cos I am not. It should be easy to blame them when they are to blame.

Muslim Lebs who caused all the ruckus over years and in particular with the gang rapes, and the beach insults, vulgarity and intimidation and the stuff on Sunday two weeks back, and they are to blame. They did run off to the mosque and then on their car smashing rampage for several nights.

They got their apology from skeggie skips (surfers) at Maroubra and still they rampaged.

The writer, Joe Hildebrand, I think thinks he is making the point about policing but ends up referring to, get this:

Where there are cultural concerns such as the often oppressive treatment of women in sections of the Muslim community, we can show a better way by teaching these kids in our schools that sexism is wrong and unacceptable; by leading by example in our own behaviour; by presenting a society that does not tolerate such treatment of women. Is it so unthinkable that things might change? Remember it was only a few decades ago that white Christian society was not so different. In some pockets it's still only a hijab away from a carbon copy.

See it? The traditional weak-as-piss apologetic of criticising anglos and Christianity instead of keping up the criticism of Muslim Leb behaviour.

Takes all the focus off the actual Muslim Leb scumbags who started it all.

No way is this writer a proper wog.

Wogs are into remembering how shit starts. It is our thing.

Muslim Leb vulgar violent men and their apologists and protectors (as opposed to Mulsim Leb who are not vulgar and violent and who do not protect those who are - sadly we never hear from them and I worry maybe there actually are not any, but I cannot be right, I mean statistically, that cannot be right) are the problem. Their allegiance to violence, chauvanism, misogyny, assault, bad haircuts, crap music and really bad cars is a major problem. Are they going to change with time and social studies classes? Maybe, but who cares?

They are mostly on their way to jihad or prison or both.

They have been allowed to misbehave by their parents, who are culpable as all wog parents are cos wog parents form a big part of all wog life, whether the wog kiddies, Italian, Leb or otherwise, like it or not, and by the coppers who are by turns too sensitive to this multiculti bullshit and full-on frightened of stirring up the Muslim Leb maniacs, as Prof Bunyip notes.

Two swords and a dagger found in a car seized in the last day or maybe two since the coppers got their big new powers.

Swords and a dagger - you reckon that was a skippy car? Come on.

There is a frickin' problem with some wogs in Sydney and it is shamefuly too easy for wankers like Joe Hildebrand not to blame them.
:: WB 6:56 pm [link+] ::
:: Thursday, 15 December 2005 ::

And a top intro.
:: WB 2:08 pm [link+] ::

I bin watching the SkyNews this morning and they have repeated reports that, get this, bus and carloads of wogs - Italians, Greeks, Lebs and Serbs and Croats - are coming in to Sydney this weekend for some hot antiskippy action at Cronulla Beach.

Ya right.

Numero Uno: The only wogs on buses are old women going to work at the factory and kids who do not have their driver's licence yet. Okay? If they are comin' they are comin' in cars. With spoilers.

Due: Italians do not like nasty Muslim Lebs enough to fight their battles with them, and I will wager the same goes for Greeks or Serbs or Croats. No-one likes crazy Muslim Lebs - they are the frickin' troublemakers who started all this stuff.

Tre: Since when do Serbs and Croats eva spend time together without gettin' in a fight between themselves? That ain't a bus I wanna be on.

Quattro: Italians and other wogs, except for a nasty bunch of Muslim Lebs, do not have any record of pack rape where their families refuse to accept guilt when the evidence is overwhelming, and they do not have a habit of smashing car windows and going berserk, except at World Cup time, which is once every 4 years and, c'mon, you gotta be able to live with that kind of infrequent steamlettingoff. There is nothing for them to identify with when it comes to Muslim Lebs.

Now this kind of reporting is evidence of racism - cos it ain't all wogs that are the problem in Oz.

It is crazy Muslim Leb wogs.

Full stop. Ho detto tutto.

Can we just stay on point here, and stop infantilising them?

They should be top blokes. Or, more to the point, they should not be jackasses.

Lord knows the Christian Lebs rock.


The closest I got to finding this report in print - cos the SkyNews website is really not good stuff - is this from NZ.

And note, no mention of buses. Nothing on RomeoMike either...yet I guess.

I mean "buses". Puhlease.

This report from the ABC talks about increased police presence in Cronulla this weekend but does not mention the wog influx.

It does, however, mention the typical Muslim Leb excuse making for the crazies in their midst, "unemployment, alienation" blah blah blah, zif the residents of Cronulla and Maroubra have to give vulgar dickheads jobs.

And, natch, the ABC mentions this:

One man gave the case of a friend's son as an example of why the problems exposed this week are deep seated.

"He said my boy, 12-years-old in the school - he's great achiever. His name is Ahmed. He came home, he said to his dad - 'I want to change my name' ... he said 'because everybody hate me in the school, nobody wants to talk to me'," the man said.

Mate. He's 12. He's a wog. It would be weird he did not want to change his name.

That is part and parcel of the wog experience when you are young. I will bet young Ahmed is embarrassed of his dad if he has the little cap on and the robes, and his mum's in the hijab or the jilbab or the burka or whatever.

Jeez, he is prolly embarrassed to always have garlicky sausages for lunch.

O man. This really makes my blood boil.

Life is Oz ain't that hard that you got no choice but to smash up cars and behave repulsively towards women, which is what the Muslim Leb crazies did to start all this frickin' violence in the first place.

I'm doin' it....


Ya see that, Keysar Trad and you bunch of whiney wogs? That is me having a fit over how youse just will not accept that youse have a problem in your midst, it is a bunch of crazies, and it is your job to fix it. Ya always whining about someone doing something to your folks, not giving youse respect and not being noice and friendly and shit. And ya bringing Ahmed into it when he is 12 - I do not believe he was smashing any cars or hitting up on the bikini girls.

You get liked cos you're good to be with, Ahmed.

And if you reckon your name's a problem, don't lose it, just anglicise it - that is part of the wog experience too. It ain't "Giuseppe" in Oz. It's "Joe". It ain't "Francesco" it's "Gino". So maybe "Ahmed" is "Artie".

You know?

And, listen, mate, that does not make you any less of a wog. Alright?

It just makes it easier for the skips and you to understand one another.

And plus mate, skippy kids seem interesting, ya know? Like you wish you were skippy, all tunacasserole and mezzanine floors where the bedrooms are and beige everything.

But we all know their mums really cannot cook. So relax. You're winning.


Calm down skippies, do not get drunk and rampage on me. I am kidding.

Man, this stuff really is just mental, eh? I mean. Oz.


Absolutely top threads on this topic at Daily Ablution and Harry's Place about this.

UPDATE 2: RomeoMike's got it. No Croats. But still buses. And the only quotes supporting the influx of wogs is from a solitary Leb. Money down, no Italians.
:: WB 1:19 pm [link+] ::
:: Wednesday, 14 December 2005 ::

Sheesh, reading this you could get the impression that all Muslim Lebs are part of the same mobile phone list so they can get distributed messaging.


I say some bright thing should hack that network and SMS this:

"Stop being so crazy, you Muslim Lebs. You are giving us all the shits."
:: WB 12:10 pm [link+] ::
:: Tuesday, 13 December 2005 ::

This is an impossibly cute AutoBianchi
just gorgeous and in perfect condition.

This, on the other hand can only be described
as a travesty.

This is an unnervingly common site in Rome, of all places
and when they get goin', whoo hoo, they can cover some ground.

And this, orunno even what it was, but I got the camera out quick to snap it and
dang if it didn't just hurtle away real fast.

More pics of the Weirdo Cars of Italy in due course, doodles.

:: WB 2:37 pm [link+] ::

It was calm in Cronulla last night because it was raining.

And, sure as eggs is eggs, you can count on a wog to be very concerned not to get their hair wet.

In fact, now I ponder upon it all for a mo' the police should use water canons if they wish to disperse the Muslim Leb thugs currently getting round Sydney getting upset at how upset everybody is with them for their thuggery.

:: WB 2:15 pm [link+] ::
:: Monday, 12 December 2005 ::


A bunch of Muslim Lebanese jackasses start the ball rolling by standing-over, frightening, assaulting at law, a bunch of skippy whitebreads at Cronulla beach.

"She's not worth 55 years" says one leering jackass to another, standing over a skippy teen in a bikini and her friends, blocking the sun from her as she lies on the sand, in an overt reference to gang rapes conducted by Lebanesers a couple years back.

A couple skippy lifeguards try to get the disgusting assaulting wogs off the beach and out of people's faces, and for their trouble get the crap beaten out of them by said wogs.

A week later a bunch of sober appalled skips, including parents of the girls getting assaulted, who have had enough of the Muslim Lebs giving everyone the shits on Cronulla beach when they've behaved leeringly to girls and threateningly in groups to regular punters, decide to protest the whole lifeguard beating. Off to the beach they go.

A bunch of drunken crim skips, some of whom just hate wogs, turn the regular protest into a running thuggery battle, kick a girl to the ground cos she's wearing the stupid Muslim haircovering, and start hurling rocks and stuff, at folks even ambulances and police, some getting around with Oz flags yelling 'wogs out', by which they mean "Muslim Lebs Out".... or maybe me, orunno, and some assaulting a couple muslim-looking Bangladeshi boys for no reason other than their looks and their embarrassingly hotted up car.

That night a couple carloads of Muslim Lebs react to their brothers having started the whole problem with what happened in Cronulla to the lifegyuards etc, by wrecking a bunch of harmless cars on a street, and I think bludgeon a bloke.

Tonight a bunch of Muslim Lebs go to - not to Cronulla to stand with the local community - not to the steps of Parliament, even, to protest the skippy thuggery -but out to their mosque in Lakemba, just so's we can see where their priorities lie, and there some of them hurl rocks at police watching nearby, and then go orf to smash some more cars and some shop fronts.

And the papers and the radio declare the skippies are engaged in a racist riot?

Exsqueeze me, but it takes two.

And a toxic wog standing over a bikini girl and saying "She's not worth 55 years" is racist pig of a bloke and a misogynist to boot.

Thanks a lot, toxic wogs.

:: WB 5:59 am [link+] ::
:: Thursday, 8 December 2005 ::

Mogra Kigtonns started her blog as I went on extended break, and has gone broke in that time.

Wowee, eh? This bloggy caper ain't for the weak. No, sir.

It is for the lazy.

Anyhoo, where was I?

O. Yeah. Finished with the Morgan 4/4 and headed up to town for some rest.

That town being London, England.

Natch I still had cars on my mind. I mean, how good is this Cortina? Absotively shmick. All over.

Not much hot car action in londond, surprisingly enuff. But the town was good to me. Well, very good actually.

Did some walking around it and stopped a bit here and there to enjoy the sights, you know?

Always pleasant to see planes go over big buildings, and not into them, eh?

But London's not the point of getting back to blogging. O. No.

Italy is.

It just so rocks as a joint and as a state of mind.

And plus it ain't every country that offers the .handsome Military Man barking out the weather news.

So I wanna get my pics down of Italy for the record.

Now, for all youse sending me emails asking if I am all alright, and the nag-nag-nagging from certain readers for me to get back to it again, well, what can I say?

None of your pleading mattered.

This is for my mamma.

...And for youse too.

Whatever. Later doodles. More to come, I promise, pledge and undertake.
:: WB 2:00 am [link+] ::

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