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:: Sunday, 8 October 2006 ::


This is his recent speech in which he attempts erudition on the topic of immigration and misses his mark just like a softheaded lefty, a lefty in the Liberal party - yeah, it happens.

Lemme give youse the potted version cos the full thing is a borefest of platitudes and shite:

Oz has changed in the time between the white Oz policy and the coming of the Vietnamese boat people refugees in the 70's
We let Vietnamese refugees in in the 70's
We should let all refugees in now


If I was Vietnamese I would be royally pissed off at Petro. He seems to think the Vietnamese boat folks were no different in character to the Tampa blackmailers who, having been saved from death by the Tampa crew utterly abused the Tampa crew and tried to force their way in to Oz, threatening to kill themselves if the Tampa went back to Indonesia.

That is what Petro Georgiou thinks - he thinks the Vietnamese boat people were blackmailing entrants to Oz. Well, if he listened to the words as he droned them he would realise that that is what he thinks.

No different to a conversation I had in a park with a good buddy of mine. A good buddy. She said to me, when Tampa happened, "I would have thought you would be on the side of the refugees, after all your parents came out to Oz."

My Pa came out as part of the huge Oz invitation for working men after WWII and my mother came out with her family, cos they bought their passage during the war.

You would have to be a spazz of the highest order to think Vietnamese boat people and wogs who came out to Oz after WWII have anything in common with the Tampa refugees.

But Petro and my buddy - yes, I still count her a buddy even though that was one of the most offensive things anybody has ever said to me - are spazzes. They just are. It does not suit either of them to see actual individuals, people, when they discuss wogs. We's are just 'wogs', ya know? All the same. For Petro he likes his lumpenwogs cos he fancies himself an advocate for wogs. Puhleez. For my buddy, wogs are basically just for fun. Good food, music, yeah?

Petro's speech also contains the usual crap about there now being no civil liberties in Oz cos of the government's reaction to terrorism.

Yah fer sure, fearmonger.

The civil liberties of Islamic wog terrorism suspects are definitely in the government's sights, but good, right?

Italian wogs and Vietnamese are not at risk at all. You know why? Cos all wogs are not the same. And cos wogs are more different from one another than they are to skippies.

This is a fundamental truth.

And that is why when Petro tries to be all "don't be mean to the wogs" he can go and gi fa. Because the jackass measures us all by the worst of us all. Islamic terrorism wogs are the worst of the worst. They are followed closely by Islamic violent criminal wogs. They are the reason that we have counterterrorism legislation in Oz that goes to civil liberties. Not the Italians and not the Vietnamese.

Man's a blatherer.
:: WB 4:08 am [link+] ::

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