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:: Friday, 24 January 2003 ::

Been meaning to post on this

Jason Soon over at Catallaxy Files posted about how he is not in favour of liberating Iraqis from the despot freak who has been causing bunches of them to flee all over, even as far as Oz, for decades. He figures it will be worse for meveryone rather than better if military action proceeds. And then he writes:

Come on, do you really trust the Bushies to do a proper nation building job? It's not even a matter of intentions, it's a matter of capability. The spirit is willing but the flesh will probably be weak.

G'uh. Don't the Iraqis have to lift a finger? I think they do. And I reckon a bunch of them will. Gladly. As they should. They let it get shitful for years. Clean it up.

I got no time for these unreal arguments. What the heck reasoning is it, to leave a people languishing, to leave an international sanctions regime and resolution regime impotent - all on the basis that things might be bad. They will be. For a while. But they can get better. They should be better. Iraq of all nations should step up. Its history is fabulous. Really, get far away if doubting the Americans' committment to rebuilding is your problem with military action. You got a problem with the Americans and their committment, take it up with the Americans when it comes time to rebuild.

And then this closer quote:

Speaking of Afghanistan, Joan Didion has a stark reminder:

In the early 1980s I happened to attend, at a Conservative Political Action conference in Washington, a session called "Rolling Back the Soviet Empire." One of the speakers that day was a kind of adventurer-slash-ideologue named Jack Wheeler, who was very much of the moment because he had always just come back from spending time with our freedom fighters in Afghanistan, also known as the Mujahideen. I recall that he received a standing ovation after urging that copies of the Koran be smuggled into the Soviet Union to "stimulate an Islamic revival" and the subsequent "death of a thousand cuts." We all saw that idea come home.

Does this remind you of anything?

Being on the toilet.

Joan Freakin' Didion. Get. Far Away. I mean, what? Now the Americans are responsible for Islamofacism and mad Arabist Wahhabist nuttiness? There are Gideon's Bibles in every hotel room from here to eternity in the west. End of story.

It ain't the Korans and the Bibles. It is the violent imbeciles reading them.

:: WB 4:51 am [link+] ::

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