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:: Sunday, 9 May 2004 ::

The Green Brigades will not release Quatrocchi's murdered body, so his grieving family can bury him, nor will they release the living Stefio, Cupertino and Agliana, so their worried families can enjoy some relief.

Filthy pigs, murdering scum, violent jackasses.

I think I might take a break on the blogging front for a while, say for the rest of May or thereabouts.

Back in time for UEFA Euro2004

Went for a bit of a tour through my archives and I've really noticed how my posts have gotten more and more strident.

So, taking a break and then come back vaguely refreshed in June, hoping like heck that we will be seeing a move towards to getting the Iraqi Interim Government up and running and some freed Italian (and other) hostages, al Sadr in custody, progress on the Olympic bulding front and no more bombings, action on the pullout from Gaza thingy, some sort of shame being expressed by the UN over its oil-for-food scandal.

And more importantly, success for Igor and Aphrodite, the wogs of Oz Big Brother. A Macedonian and a Greek. If they can get it together, anyone can.


As I've been typing, Lord, breaking news is that the Chechen President has been killed in an explosion of a landmine at a stadium. And reports are that, along with him, Russia's number one military fellow was also killed.


That would be those Islamofascists again.


Anyhoo, mucho amore for readers in the interim. I'll be sure to buzz Blair and Bunyip when I get back on deck.


:: WB 2:17 am [link+] ::
:: Friday, 7 May 2004 ::
Top post about the abuse at Abu Ghraib prison

And how 'bout this from Alaa, an Iraqi in Iraq:
All this has not shaken my support for the liberation one little bit, nor my absolute conviction of the justice and nobility of the "Project". If some of you have seen fit to appologize to us about the behaviour of some of your "scum"; we must also appologize to you for the behaviour of so many of our "scum".

And this relevant observation from Iraq Now about Rumsfeld.

I am struggling to care about the Iraqi prisoners when 3 Italians are still unaccounted for in the hands of the Brave Iraqi Mafia, one of them having been murdered so brutally, and on film if you don't mind, even Al Jazeera baulked at screening it. But that is just me.

I do not think there is a fine line between nude stacks on the mill and human shredders. I think there is a eight-lane highway between them.

But sodomy and death. Down to four lanes, you know what I mean?

Saddam is the low bar and the US and British armies are meant to be the high bar. And the bunch of jackasses at Abu Ghriab just lowered that highbar some.

Punish them. They have broken our high bar rules.

:: WB 7:15 pm [link+] ::

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