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:: Friday, 17 January 2003 ::

Clear thinking needed to protect Engerland

Following on from the post below, this in the Telegraph in the UK about what should be done to protect against terrorists getting in to the UK under the 'asylum seeker' guise. Top article. The conclusion could be written about Oz, exchanging one letter. You know it.

...could effect a dramatic reduction in the number of asylum seekers. Many members of the Establishment - such as the BBC and lawyers making a living out of human rights - would be appalled. But the people of this country would be relieved. And their lives would be safer.

There is a link between asylum seeking and terrorism. Common sense dictates that there must be a link. The terrorists of September 11 were monied up Saudi jackasses living large in Germany and then the US. But the Bali boys were all low rent. So, from this we can take that terrorists can be rich or poor. What they have in common is a lawlessness, an utter disregard for others, in favour of a full-on world view and total regard for themselves, their views and their actions.

Asylum seekers demonstrate lawlessness and disregard, in mucho smaller doses. Stay with me hear, 'cos this is not a bash of asylum seekers. A claim for asylum can be made inside normal legal routes, legal in the form of international treaties and local laws to do with immigration which have been developed to deal with those poeple who turn up in a country, not their own, seeking asylum. In Oz, parts of those laws are devoted to detention while claims are assessed. Whatever. But the key is there is a legal route. And then there is the non-legal route - the simple turn up and claim asylum. Athletes have done it in the past, from the Eastern Bloc. And some folks do it now, by landing boats on Christmas Island (Oz) or in Pescara (Abruzzo, Italia). And that is to be expected, because the need for saylum is not always a need that can be orderly and patient. So laws kick in to dela with asylum seekers who have arrived without authority to make those claims - these guys are the lawless guys of the asylum seeking world. And a bunch of others are lawful.

Now, this lawlessness is the key. Cos the lawlessness of just turning up and making the claim can hardly be called terrorism. Because it is not. No terrorism in seeking asylum, right? Right. The terrorism is in the activities of the guys who, having sought asylum, get down to business of engaging in terrorist acts.

Like the Algerian guys in the UK.

They had sought asylum. And then they got down to terrorist business.

Link. Link. Link.

To refuse to acknowledge the link would just be stupid.

Now, do you stop letting people even seek asylum, just 'cos they might turn out to be terrorists? Some people might say "G'uh. Yah." I would not. Gotta be able to deal with this. This is a dealable problem. As the Telegraph article suggests.

Could it ever happen is Oz? Yep. Would Julian Burnside bleat about it?

No need to answer.

:: WB 11:29 pm [link+] ::

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