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:: Thursday, 16 January 2003 ::

This is not good for lifting one's spirit

Carmen Lawrence, freed from any obligation to utilise logic and reason in her day to day activities, now unleashes a full imbecilic rant into the SMH's WebDiary.

How is this for a closing:

...yesterday, at the invitation of a group of young anti-war activists (the Fremantle Anti-Nuclear Group), I joined upper house Green MP, Jim Scott, an international law expert and an environmental scientist to "inspect" the weapons on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln. We wanted to make the point that the U.S. is prepared to bomb the people of Iraq (estimates are that hundreds of thousands died as a result of the last conflict) with weapons, which will certainly be indiscriminate in their effect and cause " mass destruction". We also wanted to underline the fact that we do not have freedom of movement in our own waters and that the U.S. navy never allows inspection of its own "weapons of mass destruction".

Did you cum, Carmen? You wanker.

There are some who clearly disapprove of such direct (although lawful) action, but they appear unconcerned about the accelerating pace of war talk and the fact that we're being seduced into accepting the Howard Government's reassuring utterances about going along with the U.N., when it's obvious that the moment George W snaps his fingers, Howard will jump and we'll all suffer the consequences. It seemed to me that we had to seize every opportunity to voice our opposition to the conflict before it is too late.

Another lefty who presumes pro-Liberated Iraq folks, like me and my mother and my father, are stupid and being manipulated by eeevil Johnny Howard, who himself is being ordered about by the POTUS.

Perhaps some of my anxiety stems from the fact that the anti-war movement was so slow to mobilise in response to the U.S./Australia "adventure" in Vietnam which killed so many in our region, producing decades of misery and conflict. Over thirty years ago I spoke at an ani-war rally and urged the young men who'd been drafted to tear up their draft cards. They did. Whitlam was elected on the wave of anti-war sentiment and Australia withdrew from the horror that was the Vietnam war which ended soon afterwards.

Perhaps? It ALL stems from your age, you moron. You think Vietnam is the only war ever faught, and Whitlam is the only good thing ever to get into Canberra. There is no mention in her whole piece of the Gulf War - faught and won in weeks. Or Bosnia. And "killed so many in our region producing decades of misery and conflict"? Oh, nice, Carmen. 'Our region'. Not enough to limit your talk to Oz. Gotta be 'region'.

Whatsamatta, Carmen? 508 Oz soldiers dead in the Vietnam War. 37 Oz Civilians dead. 3131 Oz injuries. Not enough Oz blood for you to make your argument? Gotta lump Oz into Vietnamese 'misery and conflict' - this is unsurprising coming from Carmen since the only 'decades of misery and conflict' Oz experienced as a result of the Vietnam War was none. But what we all had was a bunch of Oz folks just like Carmen, hell bent on making Vietnam Vets, and anyone who liked them, feel 'miserable' and 'conflicted' for those guys having done their duty.

What is the bet Carmen was there to boo them when they got back? Odds On.

She could not give a stuff about the military or the Vietnamese and certainly not the Bosnians, Kuwaitis, Iraqi's or any other peoples who might get liberated from tyranny by military force.

Perhaps, as some have charged, my actions in drawing attention to the double standards employed by the U.S administration are "juvenile". But I know where I'd rather be today - supporting the young enthusiasts - those juveniles - who actually believe that peace is possible and that we all have an obligation to alert the community to the vile consequences of an unprovoked attack on the people of Iraq and the possibility of "blowback" on the Australian people.

This from a woman who bleats about refugees. IRAQI REFUGEES.

God help me, I got a knot the size of a watermelon in my right shoulder.

Must. Calm. Down.
:: WB 3:12 am [link+] ::

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