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:: Monday, 20 January 2003 ::


Dunlop posts on Blair's observation about littery pro-Saddamers.

Let us see. Those folks who got together at the weekend to show they were against any activity, no matter what, which will liberate Iraq from the grip of Madman Hussein (who cares how many - every one is an idiot pro-Saddamer, or, to put it another way, an anti-Liberated-Iraqi) make a goddam mess while they are getting together and leave that goddam mess behind. One of many disconnects between their thinking and their actions.

Blair points this out. Dunlop writes 'Yes, folks, the whole anti-war movement has been undermined by a bad case of littering'. Littering. And nuding up on mountainsides. And Sheryl Crow, and Sean Penn, and George Galloway, and this bra-nonsense, for crying outta loud, etc etc.

Please. Pro-Saddamers are jackasses. They are getting called on it. Right down to the littering. Cos they are jackasses, all the way down the line, to the littering.

And how about this Jason Soon post (cannot link to post called "Wilsonian something Bushie something'.) Anyhow, Jase quotes from a Foreign Policy article which is in favour of containment - ie let Saddam get his nukes and just 'contain' him.

'Containment' for God's sake. That is, like, Soooo '87.

The article contains this (not interested enough in context so let us just go with the quote taken by Jason):

If the United States is, or soon will be, at war with Iraq, Americans should understand that a compelling strategic rationale is absent. This war would be one the Bush administration chose to fight but did not have to fight. Even if such a war goes well and has positive long-range consequences, it will still have been unnecessary. And if it goes badly—whether in the form of high U.S. casualties, significant civilian deaths, a heightened risk of terrorism, or increased hatred of the United States in the Arab and Islamic world—then its architects will have even more to answer for.

~It will have been unnecessary~. Intellectually, for thre authors and their 'containment' point, maybe so. But to every Iraqi asylum-seeker, refugee, or poor bastard who had to flee the murder and mayhem of Hussein's Iraq, liberation is a necessity.

Iraqis have been fleeing for years. That has got to stop. They cannot get rid of Saddam themselves. And Saddam has not gone on his own. It is necessary for others to do something. Others are. Necessary.

And, really, who cares about Arab hate?

:: WB 1:36 pm [link+] ::

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