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:: Friday, 14 February 2003 ::

The deal

Gareth Parker links to this letter from an Iraqi doctor in London criticising all the people due to march in London to express their view that military action against Saddam Hussein's regime, to force it to comply with a unanimous UN security council resolution 1441 and sundry others before it, should not occur.

Or not occur now.

Or ever.


And the doc makes the point - not a lot of Iraqis are gonna march, out of the 500,000 strong London Iraqi population.

Hmm? Wonder why that is? Maybe cos they are not in favour of what the marchers stand for.

And what do they stand for? Nothing. We know what they are against. Bush US. Bush's US hegemony and imperialistic aspirations whether or not they actually exist. Bush's desire to control Iraqi oil whether or not that desire is in fact manifested anywhere in the man. Bush's cabinet. Bush's eyes being too close together. And in the case of some, Israel.

And in the case of the UK, all the above, plus Blair's agreement with Bush, which is characterised as dick-sucking.

Same in Oz for Howard.

Every marcher an imbecile.

Bush will be voted out of office one day. Or forced not to run. He is not important. It could be anyone in the Whitehouse. And before you get stupid and squeal - but that IS the point. It IS Bush. Try to stop yourself, okay? Because you are agreeing with my point above.

Hussein is the point. Hussein. Aziz. They are the point. If they would just capitulate now, there would be no war.

Why the marchers do not converge on the Iraqi embassies of the world to demand Hussein's capitulation, I do not know.

Instead they march on US embassies.


The incoherence of the opposition is appalling as this article from a Czech point of view demonstrates.

I just saw a snippet on the London march on BBC world news. "War must be a last resort. But not this war." What are you saying, man? Hussein should be allowed to stay in power even though the UN has already resolved that 'serious consequences' should follow his failure to comply 100% with inspectors, who have each reported twice to date that Iraq is not complying 100%.

As Powell pointed "War should be last resport. But it is a resort. And the UN must be prepared to resort to it." Or some such.

More later. It is really pretty awful to deal with this en masse.

:: WB 6:08 pm [link+] ::

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