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:: Thursday, 20 February 2003 ::

What are the odds. Both of them c--ts

This is depressing. An Iraqi. Doctor of studies. Dissident and escapee from Saddam's Iraq. Opponent of Saddam. Recogniser of Saddam's brutality better than any of us in the West. This guy, this educated Iraqi is so mired in anti-US and deep seated dislike of Blair, writes in today's Guardian that a war would not bring liberation from Saddam. But it sure would bring disaster.

His thesis seems to be Iraq is totally fucked but it is not as fucked as you think it is, and even if it is, that is a matter for Iraq's who, despite living in a fucked country, have developed a lot of political sense, even if the really political ones all get killed by Saddam. But nevertheless and thus and therefore, Iraqi's should not have to endure Blair and Bush. Because well, they are Blair and Bush.

He actually writes this:

Of course Saddam Hussain crushed all these challenges, but in every case the regional and international environment has supported the dictator against the people of Iraq. It is cynical and deceitful of Tony Blair to pretend that he understands Iraqi politics and has a meaningful programme for the country. Iraq's history is one of popular struggle and also of imperial greed, superpower rivalries and regional conflict. To reduce the whole of Iraqi politics and social life to the whims of Saddam Hussain is banal and insulting.

The craven bullshit peddalled by this man who should have his fucking hand up for a spot leading his fucked country and not bleating from the sidelines while Blair and Bush and Howard and Berlusconi and Aznar and the Czechs and the rest clean up his filthy mess for him....urgh.

God. Pissing. Me. Off. More goddam focus on the tone and motivation of the act of war than on the goddam outcomes to be achieved. What on earth is the point of that? And that is not an 'ends justifies means' argument, for the imbecile lefties who would object to my disgust at this Iraqi imbecile. It is an 'ends is justified - to get started on to the ends you gotta have means. So get some means, already'. This jackass Madhi has no solution for his own country's liberation, just a bunch of London based bleating.



And here's another Kamil Madhi jackass. Horses are god. God. Treat 'em badly, you bad.

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