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:: Tuesday, 4 March 2003 ::

This is why HEROEC, Human Rights lawyers and the UN suck

Because they produce whole screeds all about how awful racial vilification is, and every example they give about racial vilification on-line is from some redneck cracker or Nazi loving whitebread jackass, having a go at asians, arabs, jews etc, folks, but they never ever actually grapple with the hateful stuff some muticultural types get up to, that is more than just name calling or some sick Hitlerite fantasy - it is an actual call to arms to hurt people, oppress them, treat them badly.

I am referring in this instance to Islamic jihadi sites. And apparently the US is targetting them. Good.

I am not about to link to any in Oz. Jeez, who wants to dirty their hard-drive with that stuff.

But I would appreciate HREOC using my tax dollars to do it. In the course of their investigations.

This reminds me of that stupid Racism Conference the UN HR held in Durban - nothing but wall-to-wall Arabs calling for the death of Jews. See, that's your racial vilificaiton right there. In front of you. There. See it? No, not the whitebread skippy, and not the old world Euro born-to-rule jackass. There. The crazy Arab mo fo who cannot finish a sentence without mentioning Palestine or burning an Israeli or US flag.

And do not start with the free speech thing, okay, because I am not interested. There is no right of free speech in Oz. Never has been. Closest is maybe a constitutionally implied right of free speech in a particular political context arising out of our participatory democracy - the voting thing. That is not burning flags. And it is not websites calling folks to jihad, and insisting September 11 was not the work of muslims etc etc you know the drill.

Man. What a wasted opportunity from HREOC. Could have really done something to get folks talking and looking into racial vilification in a big way. Instead same old same old. Fingering the idiots who do not actually call anyone to arms. No jihad for the Coon joke man.

Complaining about idiots who do not call anyone to anything. While ignoring the elephant in the sitting room, or lobster in the bathroom or whatever that skippy saying is.


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