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:: Thursday, 10 April 2003 ::

As Lyndall Ryan, Aboriginal dreamtimer might say - there are many truths.

There is this truth, about what happened in Baghdad yesterday. The writer, a wog, concludes it is a good thing for the Iraq capital to be freed of a tyrant and for that tyrant's self-aggrandising symbols to be destroyed. And it does not bother him that Americans are involved.

Love the line about how Saudi's 'Arab News' runs heaps of 'Independent' pieces. G'uh.

And there is this truth from an Irishman - the Irish are so not wogs - who concludes it is a terrible thing that the Americans have succeeded in removing a tyrant's grip on a foreign capital because....because.....they said would do it, and they did it, damn it, and he just does not like to see American's succeed at anything at all. Damn it. And what about weapons of mass destruction and what about the children and what about the fact it is Americans, people. Can't you see them. Ewwww. Aren't they
awful...horrible horrible piece of writing.

Just recall, Seamus Milne was the boy who penned a column the day after September 11 2000 with the title "They do not know how much they are hated". Basically, a "they asked for this rape because they wear revealing clothes" opinion piece. I will never never forget that one. The sentiment disgusting and the timing maximally offensive. He really did offend me. So long as Americans copped something horrible, he was fine with that. So long as the skimpy dressed girle gets raped, he is fine with that. That is his thinking. Not driven by anything other than dislike. Not driven by like. Not driven by reason. Just dislike. Hate. Incredible, really. I cannot read
him any other way, and I do not think any right thinking person in society can help but conclude that Milne is a man to be shunned and avoided. If he ever tried to sue anyone anywhere for defamation, I will so put my hand up to give evidence for the defence as to the thoroughly revolting character of this stinking jackass.

And this truth from Fisk, who does go on about how the whole country and even city has not fallen - well, g'uh. And he is so insulting about Arabs, Americans, freakin' everybody. He is disgusted by everything. No battle makes Fisk a sad man. 'Disappointed' we can almost hear him cry.

I have done a cruise of the Arab News and some other whacked out MidEast pretend press sites and they are full of shit.

And from the streets of Jakarta, capital city of the world's most populous Muslim nation, there is this.

Kinda puts it all in perspective.

It is not over at all. There will be continue terrorist attacks of the suicide bomb variety and even some courageous proper military fighting by Iraqis in uniform. But yesterday was great. Credit where it is due, eh? Well done, Britain, Australia and the US.

:: WB 2:58 pm [link+] ::

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