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:: Friday, 18 April 2003 ::

Good Grief.

I have just caught up with the Tim Blair v Media Watch Smack Down. (Scroll.)

This is how my tax dollars are used? By some jackass at Media Watch defending the show from the charge that it overattacked the Daily Telegraph about the flaggy Penatgon/Captain Ed Chin (wog)/Statute story?

Media Watch did overattack the Tele. I watched that Media Watch show. Marr called the whole Tele piece a crock. He said the Tele was lying about the whole piece. He said the Tele was lying. He did not say the Tele was incorrect about one part of the piece having to do with a flag being recovered from underneath debris at the Pentagon on September 11. He said there never was a flag at the Pentagon that ended up in Capt Chin's hands. He said that. Clear as a bell.

Now on the website, Media Watch is saying that all Marr ever did on the show was say that the bit about the gflag being under the debris at the Pentagon was not true.

That is bullshit. I watched that show. Debris did not feature. It was a slag of the whole Tele piece, lock, stock and barrell.

The person writing for MW on the ABC website actually admits as much, and writes: "So the claim (of the Tele) is true except for the bit that's false."

Oh. Pain behind eyes. He is indignant at fair criticism and is attempting to get out of it by pointing to one mere discrepancy. That is a scoundrel argument - I know. I am lawyer, and I do that when I am on the ropes myself.

Why doesn't Tim Blair write in response: So the smear (by Marr against the Tele) is right, except for the bit that's wrong.

Who bears the freakin' onus here to get things right?

The Tax Payer Funded ABC Show which holds itself out as being the arbiter of all things good and bad in Oz media?
The private enterprise Daily Tele which holds itself out as a Tabloid Newspaper, that frequently overstates things?
The popular blogger writing his website for free?

Media Watch - just apologise to Tim Blair and the Daily Tele. And to me, for crying out loud. You are using my money to engage in this bullshit snippiness.

:: WB 12:50 am [link+] ::

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