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:: Monday, 14 April 2003 ::

Irrational is the word

Caught a bit of a BBC World roundtable talkfest this a.m. on cable. It was moderated by a girlie and featured and Iraqi gent, an American columnist based in England, a French journo and Yasmin Alhibai-Brown or whatever her name is, columnist for the Guardian. She is a Muslim, but I forget if it is Shi'a or Sunni. Whatever. The Iraqi gent is a Muslim too. The Frenchman doubtless to sophisticated to believe in God and the American playing the diplomatic line so well, that who knows what evil of delight lurks in his heart.


Where to begin.

The Muslims were mad. The American was reasonable, the British presetner was just trying to keep it all on track and the Frenchman was a goodam waste of space.

Incroyable, really. Generalisations 100% on the money, trust me.

There was the obligatory 5-4-3-2-Palestine remark from the Iraqi gent - like he sould give a stuff about them, when his country's leadership has just been rolled. He was all 'right of return' before both the presetner and the American managed to get the discussion back on track - the presenter by stating gently she did not want to 'down that path' in the few minutes left of the show, and the American cracking slightly and sort of snapping "Look, there will be no right of return and that is that. It cannot be achieved and to keep demanding it is absurd".

And Yasmin. Well. She was ridiculous. Ridiculous. "Do we have to just follow?" She cried, and it really was a cry, from what she thinks of as her heart but which is just a bloodsoaked muscle in her chest just above the bile sack she replenishes daily with thoughts of her hated Americans. Just because a brutal dictator is removed, do we really have to follow?

Get that?

The answer of course is yes. Yes you do have to follow. If you want to think of it as following, that is your problem. But 2 + 2 = 4. What goes up must come down. Italians are the best looking folks on the face of the planet. Some laws of nature are irrefutable. if you think you are following, you have real sick in the head problem. Sometimes, there is a right thing to do. Agreeing to do it is not following the folks with the idea to do it. It is agreeing with them.

Not following.

Standing shoulder to shoulder. That is what it is.

God help us when the best reaction anyone can mujster even on the Beeb is a hysterical Muslim woman and an idiot man who still smarts over Israel.

Then tonight, I catch a bit more of the Beeb, or maybe CNN. Whatever. The Syrian Foreign Minister or some minister, who is a woman of equally hysterical reactions to Yasmin. Israel is the greatest threat to us all. Israel attacks us all. We are one culture, one civilisation, one language. Syria has not chemical weapons. Of course we do not. We would never do such a thing. We would never harbour Iraqi Ba'athists even though we are Ba'athist. Blah Blah Blah.

Remind you of anything? See a pattern here?

Afghanistan's violent idiot Taliban, after September 11, when asked to hand over Osama Bin Laden respond as follows:

We do not have him. You have no proof. Show us the proof.

And eschewing the proof thing, because it is wholly unnecessary in matters which are a bit more serious than mere criminal law, the Taliban got the battering they deserved.

Now Iraq. After the Blix farce. When asked to disarm, Hussein responds as follows:

We have no weapons. You have no proof. Show us the proof.

Same deal.

Syria? Already denying Iraqi's are there. And pointing at Israel. Wha'? Dammit. Shut up with the Israel shit and shut up with the empty demands for proof and empty denials.

Hear what Bush and Powell are saying, do not take immediate offence and just respond to their statements. It is not good enough to claim that Israel has weapons too. God.

UPDATE: Ms Alibhai-Brown has just penned a piece in the Guardian. And Tim Blair addresses its shortcomings. Scroll down.

:: WB 5:36 am [link+] ::

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