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:: Thursday, 3 April 2003 ::

Okay now, see, this is not reason. This is cornered grasping to support your empty argument

The delicious looking Gianna has posted Who would have thought Iraq would defend itself? and then a 'Yay Kerry' over O'Brien's recent "How many killed kiddies are okay in your book?" query to the PM on the 7.30 Report.

First things first. Iraq is not defending itself, okay? Ba'athist Iraqis are fighting not to lose their rule.

There is a difference. A bloody huge difference. Markets are open. Iraqi citizenry drive around. People all over the counrty bake bread...and eat it. With their families. Know why Iraqi citizenry is not defending themselves? Cos they know the difference. They are not being attacked. They live right next door to the Ba'athists, work alongside them, have to listen to their shit day in, day out. Have to remember people they know who have been killed or hurt or terrorised etc etc. The Ba'athists are getting it good and rude, every day and every night. The citizenry is not.

600 non-combatant citizens dead by Iraqi Ministry of Information calculations and some 6000 wounded. That is not evidence of a citizenry under attack. That is evidence of dead citizens and wounded citizens, dead and wounded by coalition force military actions aimed at Ba'athists, some of those actions missing their mark out of stupidity, hairtriggeredness and lousy aiming.

The title to the post should be 'Who knew some sickinthehead Ba'athists would fight for Saddam?" And the answer would be - G'uh. Everybody.

See, Ba'athists are like mafia in Sicily to the power ten. And the Sicilians, to their immense credit, having been shopping the mafia to the coppers for the last ten years regularly. The Sicilians got sick and tired of mafia jackassery. "Basta" was the cry. "Enough".

Good Sicilian people grappling with the crap Sicilian people in their midst.

And they needed Milanese judges and independent policemen to help that cry of "Basta" have real meaning.

Ba'athist rulers in Iraq, and the Iraqi military which is the military of the Ba'athists, have got something to lose. Their grip on the counrty they have driven into the ground for at least the last twenty years.

Of course they will fight. The mafia fights too.

You like the mafia, Gianna? I did not think so. So start to think clearly for a change and drop your insane prejudice that all Iraqis are devoted lovers of their brutal leadership, simple little brown wogs that they are.

Yes, dear, I am calling you out on your suffocating superiority complex.

And then the PM thing - what sort of thinking leads someone to the conclusion that it is a good quesiton to ask a PM? "How many kiddies is it okay to kill?" You know? Cos I for one saw that show and I blushed - for Kerry - he looked like an idiot, like Philip Adams.

Bring our troops home.

Good grief. No Oz troops should ever be involved in helping out some wogs in trouble?

Get. Far. Away.

:: WB 4:28 am [link+] ::

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