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:: Saturday, 26 April 2003 ::


A book review in the "Spectrum" section of the weekend Australian (no link I can find) written by one Clive Hamilton, a leftie who runs a thinktank called The Australia Institute which kinda sounds like "The Human Fund", dontchathink? Anyhoo.

Hamilton reviews a book called "20:21 Vision" by Bill Emmott from The Ecomomist, a collection of essays from that magazine, about the war and stuff. And if anyone has read that magazine, they will know it is pretty evenhanded in its reasoning, and it reached a conclusion as to its own position while the UN was hard at work reaching a deadlock, that it was in favour of military force to remove Saddam's regime. It is not really conservative, so much as balanced, coming from a small government and rational position (except in its treatment of Oz and Italy, which I find to be ignorant and addicted to cliche. Harrumph, eh? Whatever.).

What does Hamilton think about this?

He thinks the book should never have been published and that the publisher made an error of judgement in publishing such a book.


He is hired by to give a review of the book, and that is his review. No 'well, the essays are well written but reveal a view which I do not hold', or maybe 'Emmott has collected a bunch of essays that could have been copied form the online archives of the magazine, so hardback publishign is just a money generating exercise'. Nope. Nothing so rational.

Get a face load of jizz from Hamilton care of his closing paragraph (any typos mine):

Good grief, eh? Clive Hamilton publishes his worthless crocks at Online Opinion, no less, but apparently it is bad bad when Emmott does the same thing in his mag or in book form. I mean, that book won't hold anything I won't have already read from the mag, right? So, it is already effectively online or in my can, right? What ckind of cretin would call for it not to ever have been published?

A leftie, of course, who would censor all views which do not comply with his own views. Even while he has no shortage of capacity to get his views published widely.

God help us. Clive Hamilton, nasty bully-boy cretin.

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