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:: Friday, 18 April 2003 ::

Who is Dierdre Macken and why is she trying to do me out of job?

So ask Jim and Bob and Harold.

Further to the last post, here is Dierdre, fouling up the Fin Review pages with what passes for thought, but has the stinky viscosity of a blurt after a night on the turps (Oz influence, language like that.)

Her....thesis (rhymes with):

We can no longer create flinty spearheads, tend our gardens, repair our own homes, because we have grown soft....through...through....through 2000 years of civilisation (which, as every right thinking person know, began in Rome) .....and that is bad. No really. And teevee is all to blame.

Or something.

And blokes like Jim (a wog, possibly) should not have jobs.

I think.

I mean, what do you do with such an irrational perspective:

Obviously, the pioneering spirit is redundant. The ability to improvise with a string and a nail isn't likely to impress when your mates have a plasma screen. The mucking-in mentality isn't necessary when you have a leaf blower and Jim on speed dial. And it seems a waste to veg out under a tree when you have so many toys waiting to be plugged in. But we'll have to watch the TV show to find out what else we've lost.

You have to be perverse to think this.

The pioneering spirit is alive and well and living in every country home, and every city home, in its own way. I personally am unable to create a flinty spearhead. I believe I do not need one. And if I do, I believe I do not need to make it myself. Not any time soon, anyways.

But can I make my own focaccia and pasta? Yes. Wogs have not stopped being pretty nifty with the gardening and food thing. Many many wogs are into the labour thing of building their own houses. Many. Many skippies too.

Do I know how to survive in the woods? In theory, yes, cos I saw it on the "In the Woods" series about survival, featuring that gorgeous English SAS fellow Brummy.

Can the teevee be a good thing?

Yes. Yes it can. Without the teevee I would not have seen hundreds of films made before I was born.

Dierdre Macken is an idiot.

:: WB 12:20 am [link+] ::

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