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:: Saturday, 3 May 2003 ::

Mad. Wogs.

If you did not catch Yana Wendt's interview with some North Korean guy this morning on Sunday, you really should check it out. She did a sterling job in the face of unbelieveable insanity.

It is a must read interview and it is on line here. Must read because it reveals how insane these people are. Insane.

One topic - the nucelar weapons thing:

JANA WENDT: Let's move on to broader issues. What kind - we have a situation where you have a nuclear stand-off, it appears to be, between your country and the US at the moment. What kind of nuclear weapons does North Korea have, and how many?

KIM MYONG CHOL: North Korea has a nucrear capability. It's quite obvious. North Korea may have minimum 100 nucrear warheads, maximum 300. They all lock onto American cities.

JANA WENDT: Well, Mr, Kim, that means that North Korea breached the agreement that it made with president Clinton in '94, and was busily producing deadly nuclear weapons during that period. Is that right?

KIM MYONG CHOL: No, no, North Korea produced all its weapons before that agleement was signed.

JANA WENDT: All right, well you've just given us a picture of a massive number of nuclear weapons that you say North Korea has. Does it intend to use those weapons if the US does not give it what North Korea wants from the US?

KIM MYONG CHOL: If the US attacks North Korea, North Korea will definitely use those nucrear weapons against the US mainland.

JANA WENDT: All right, there is talk of a possible economic embargo by the US of your country, would North Korea considering using those weapons in the event of an economic embargo?

KIM MYONG CHOL: Yes, definitely. North Korea will use those nucrear weapons against the US mainland if America imposes additional economic sanctions on North Korea.

JANA WENDT: Mr Kim, where were these weapons that you talk about - between 100 and 300, you just said - where were they tested?

KIM MYONG CHOL: The weapons are stored in underground sites. Those are facilities. America has no knowledge of where they are.

JANA WENDT: Yes, but how were these weapons actually tested? Because without testing them you would not know if they worked, would you?

KIM MYONG CHOL: The computer simulation have the kind of job, and also the Pakistanis have done the job for North Korea.

JANA WENDT: The Pakistanis have done the job or the testing for North Korea?


JANA WENDT: When I spoke to the Pakistani High Commission, they told me that your claim that the Pakistanis had done this, which you have made before, is, in their words, "totally wrong".

KIM MYONG CHOL: Of course they must deny that.

Priceless, eh?

Somebody do something about these freaks.

:: WB 7:43 pm [link+] ::

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