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:: Thursday, 19 June 2003 ::

I am making a 90 minute mistake

I am watching the ABC version of "What the World Thinks of America".

O. Mo. Go.

It is like a visual version of Shirley Bassey singing "I love you hate you love hate you ..."

And on the Oz show there were two wogs.

One was Lebanese. Leader of some Islamic community shite who made a name for himself standing by a bunch of Lebbo rapists.

And the other Vietnamese. Former Young Australian of the Year who thinks nothing good can come of liberating Iraq.

It is a wonder the ABC did not find Australia's tiny Chilean community and wheel all three of them into the studio for an Allende-screed.

Could they have picked any two more likely antagonists for anything US-related?


And the results of this stupidity are predictably stupid. Brazilians apparently believe they are poor because America is rich. Typical Latin American Idiots.

Indonesians are appalled at the prospect of Americans being physically anywhere near them, but unable to run their archipelago without international loans, mostly from Americans.

Jordanians are appalled by Americans but not afraid of them. Well, they are Arabs. They do like to go on about their lack of fear. While getting plenty of loans to prop up their economy.

South Koreans are disgusted at their dependence on America for their very freedom. But happy to take the freedom. Hypocrites.

Canadians are delighted at the economic benefits of their big neighbour. But happier at home. G'uh. It is home.

Oz likes Americans but some percentage of the population bitches and moans about the lousy teevee. Ask us about that second-rate English programming clogging up the ABC lately and we will bitch about that too. G'uh. Plus we like ourselves and like our country so we do not want to be all American. Double g'uh.

Russians are not boosters for the States. Do I need to elaborate. It is Russia. Not the USSR. End of story.

The UK likes itself and believes itself to be more cultured than the French. Oh, and the Americans too. I love the English. Nothing rallys that people more than French. Yes, just French.

And the French think they are better all over. Than everyone. And they are not.

Americans and Israelis round out the countries inaccurately polled. Jeebus. What, no Poles? No Estonians? No Italians? No Spaniards? That is right. None of them. To be fair, the BBC stated their poll was a useless crock of inaccuracy. 90 freakin' minutes of it here in Oz.

I cannot use any of this information. It gets me precisely nowhere. It reinforces the objective truth that reaction to the US in a series of wierdo questions - one of them actually based around a from Saddam Hussein "American is reaping the bed of thorns it has made for itself with the reaping. Do you agree or Disagree?" or something. 98% of Frenchmen and Indonesians say "Hmmm. Yes. Yes I do think there is reaping of thorns by the Bush Jewish cabal."

There are idiots the world over.

I have seen too many this evening.

And no. I am not back blogging regularly.

But there is love.

:: WB 5:41 am [link+] ::

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