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:: Sunday, 13 July 2003 ::


Again with the "regime" talk.

This morning on SkyNews I get treated to a pitiful exercise in letting a nutter talk and talk. And the nutter talked about how Howard lies, and Oz is an American lackey, and this government is a 'regime' becuase there is no Opposition. And why aren't we in Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur, why are we just in the Philipines? (one 'l' or two, can neveramemba).

And then you look up this nutter - Mr Bruce Haigh, former diplomat for 2 decades, now Mudgee farmer, anti-Howard in the strongest way. And a real 'circle-the-wagons' (hee hee, that yank phrase'd get right up his nose) kinda guy - what business do we have in North Korea? How can this help us?

We are all just lackeys of the US.

Ahem, no.

Agreeing does not make you a lackey, an arse-licker or anything else.

Agreeing means you share a world view. I am in favour of removing the North Korean regime from all power. Of removing their weapons and their madness from the world. And I am in favour of getting Abu Sayef off the planet too.

Bruce Haigh is happy to leave both unchalleneged and where they are, just to keep on keeping on.

Bruce Haigh, former diplomat, farmer of Mudgee, cares a lot about unauthorised arrivals to Oz. Couldn't give two shits about what would make them wanna come here in the first place.

Bruce Haigh likes to feel good about how caring he is. But he does not want to lift a finger for wogs who need some assistance.

Yesterday, a buddy let me know something: North Korea had a history of burials. Now turning to cremations rather rapidly......because they grave robbing....for food, was getting outta hand.


The rats I knew about.

The cadaverous canibalism I did not know about. I will, of course, need to substantiate this intelligence as to include here on my blog without proper checking is not on and I may have to resign my blog because Bruce Haigh will call me a liar.

Really. Who cares what Bruce Haigh thinks? He cannot be taken seriously because he calls the government a 'regime'.

Dash done.

:: WB 5:30 pm [link+] ::

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