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:: Sunday, 6 July 2003 ::

Stratton & Pomeranz sitting in a tree

Trying to work which of them is more turned on by watching some kiddie porn masquerading as art.

I have been following this ludicrous Ken Park film non-showing stuff for a while. And I have a view. It is that the film is surely crap. And, no, I have not seen it. I do not need to. I am a functioning human being and film making was not invented yesterday. I have seen more films than many of the performers in Ken Park have drawn breath. Just like Romance, this film will be unwatchable art crap that feels like cheap porn. Same as Baise-moi was a tawdry exercise in filming loser dysfunction.

The film maker is not talented. Nor clever. If you cannot make a film about teen angst without actually filming teens rooting, you are no director. You are a talentless film wanker, cossetted from your lack of talent by halfwits liike Stratton and Pomeranz.

You want teen angst kid porn? The Last Picture Show. You want loserdom on the big screen? Midnight Cowboy.

That is all.

Except maybe this: should Ken Park not be screened? Dman right it should not. The director has exploited his actors, turning every one into a cheap lay. Even the ones who do not actually get laid. They all stood round and watched. They knew it was being filmed. Like an arty gang bang. I got nothing against rooting in your teens. I have a lot against someone expecting me to give them a round of applause for capturing it on film.

Cheap crap film making. Rubbish. Not worth 12 bucks.

Imagine being an actor in it, actually getting fucked on screen in a way that, hmmmm, never happened to Paul Newman. Or Gina Lollobrigida. And realising you on film getting laid is not even worth 12 bucks to the public.

Cos you know. No one gives a stuff about this film. Or the censors. Or anything that comes out of Pomeranz and Stratton on the topic of life as we know it.

Losers. All.

No one has made a decent film, a real Stalag 17 kind of film for decades. Decades. And do not say "Traffic" cos any film that leaves you wanting to kill all the cast, must be pushing a story that is so stinking lousy and awful it probably added precisely zero to the sum of world knowledge. Urrgh.

Thank god for those French duck flying documentary makers. Now that stuff adds to the sum of world knowledge.

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