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:: Sunday, 6 July 2003 ::

They cannot take it seriously

The BBC that is.

I have just seen a promotion for a BBC program shortly to screen. Called ... wait for it ... Holidays in the Axis of Evil.


That is how seriously they take world affairs. The BBC. Holidays.

North Korea is threatening to kill us all in insane rhetoric. Mullahs of Iran are beating and jailing their uppity students in anticipaiton of another revolution. And the Iraqis are daily trying to improve their lot while fighting off idiots who weren't brave enough to fight while the war was actually on, but prefer to come out of the dirt after the fighting's over and stab at the remaining forces instead of rebuilding their own nation.

Holidays in the Axis of Evil. This is the same approach as that stupid and venal Susan Sarandon, self-satisfied westerner, declaring she couldn't see any reason to remove Saddam from power, after all, his shitfulness is not reason enough - no problems for her, so no action from her either. Dreadful person. She is a Holidays in the Axis of Evil kinda gal, I will wager.

The dripping sarcasm in the title. Urgh. Enough to make you puke. Cos you know it will not actually be a valuable show - I mean, one does not holiday in North Korea while the leadership starves its people. That is just disgusting.

And one cannot surely in good conscience holiday in Teheran at this moment. Maybe demonstrate with the students, yes. But holiday - no.

And Iraq? You think the BBC is going to declare the country safe enough for a holiday? No. The show will be a diatribe against the removal of Saddam.

What kind of person do you have to be to make a show like that - Holidays in the Axis of Evil? As if there is nothing eveil and malevolent about those regimes and what they do to their wogs. I know. A shitful self-satisfied leftie wanker, that is what kind of peron.

Urggh. Not a great way to start my week.

:: WB 5:38 pm [link+] ::

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