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:: Friday, 29 August 2003 ::

Oh they were bad, alright, but not as bad as these guys now....

Cryptic, huh? Whatever.

I have been doing some thinking. And some reading. Pecificly, a book called "Excellent Cadavers" all about the Mafia and particularly the murders of saintly Italian anti-Mafia Magistrates Falcone and Borsellino. And I have been reading a book called "Q" all about Anabaptists and the fights with Luther and the Pope and stuff in the 16th century.

And now I have just read this article all about the same guys involved with Falcone's murder.

Now, stay with me here. The thing with the Anabaptists, was that they were way worse than Luther. Far as I can tell all they did was fuck and preach. Whatever. So the Pope wanted Luther gone gone gone, but the Anabaptists were so much worse, that the Pope kinda got to thinking maybe Luther wasn't so bad after all (and of course, he was. Do not argue with me.)

And the thing about the Sicilian Mafia post-WWII up to the 80's was that they were brutal and bloody and vengeful and, many of them, plug ugly too. But they were not Albanian, by which I mean the thugs today are way worse.

Just like the most firebrand Islamic clerics today are way way worse than anything that's gone before - all calling for the killing of the infidels and stuff, instead of calling the Islamic faithful to faith.

My point? It is lazy, when faced with a hard present, to start forgiving what was an awful past. Two mistakes. Not fixing the horribe past. And then not fixing the horrible present. Bad thinking. And in Iraq, it seems, that lazy thinking might take root and that would be a shame for all, dontcha think? The whole "At least under Saddam the power worked but now everything is chaaaossss" malarkey being spewed all over, sample rubbish brought to you by the SMH's Paul McGeogh.

It is important to stay on song - the past was awful and should not be repeated. Get to work fixing things. Terrorists - well, they want to die. Help 'em out. And always be polite, or try to be, even to the stupist Iraqi ravings about offence and occupation and oil and blah blah and even to the blather and nonsense from Western press and politicians.

End of babble.

:: WB 2:46 am [link+] ::

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