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:: Sunday, 24 August 2003 ::

One stop shop

Gilligan for sure did the 'sexing up'. And Kelly overstepped the mark with Gilligan no doubt too, but it was not enough for Gilligan, he had to go on with it even though Kelly got cold feet at his own position and unsettled by Gilligan's insistence. Kelly topped himself and when he said "I'll be dead in the woods" he wasn't prediciting nefarious action, he was indicating he was a bit tapped, a bit special, you know? And he might have to top himself if the heat got too much. Sad all over.

Andrew Wilkie will also die, by his own hand or the wearying ages. But not by the hand of some ASIO hitman or whoever. Cos Andrew Wilkie takes Gilligan's line. And he simply cannot contemplate that the war fought and won on more than the weapons. And by 'more than' I mean the shitfulness of Saddam's regime that is always conveniently forgotten by anti-war types.

The SMH is nothing more than an opinion sheet, with its opinions firmly entrenched in the anti-war line. Why is is this in the world news section, given this?

Further to the above, how's this and this? Taken together we have the SMH's Paul McGeogh particularly and the SMH itself generally full on beating up a resistance story. Sexing it all up. They are one of a sawmiller's handful of news joints getting interviews with the "resistance" (scare quotes deliberate, okay?) and their press vans are heavily marked so loony Saddam tapesmongers can find them and give them all the shit that's unfit to print. You read that rag, I tell you, you get no news at all. You get egodriven journalism.

So much going on. And so much of it crap.

Anyhoo, I had beers the other night with some buddies, and the question was asked "Are you optimistic about Iraq?" I said "Yeah" cos I want wogs to succeed, and I never like seeing 'em fuck up so I always presume they can be great. Another buddy said "Yeah" cos she figures everyone can be successful and stupidity and violent thuggery sucks and shouldn't stop progress. But the third buddy, the best looking and the only one who has a close knowledge of how some Iraqi's think said "Nope." Cos she knows that Iraqi's might wanna succeed and really give it a shot, but somewhere lurking there will always be an Arab loser doing violence and thuggery in an attempt to sotp the success and turning it into a steaming pile of shite whilever there is a whitey westerner also likely to succeed. And she knows from Arab racism .... Arab against Arab.

Now, like I said, I have a thing about wogs. But I'm not an idiot. I know wogs can be fucked up. And what we're seeing in Iraq right about now, is, in this wog's opinion, an example of the fucked stuff. Can't remember where I read it last week, but someone wrote something about how if Iraq fails it will reflect poorly on the US.

It won't. I mean, it will, to idiots.

But the failure will reflect very very badly on Arabs.

They gotta get it together to stop with audiotapes (pathertic and embarassing, eh? see above), the lies about shooting planes out of the sky (amemba that old guy?) or capturing troops, the obscene rhetoric of insult and shame (Tariq Ali) etcetera etcetera.

I like wogs. That includes Arabs. But that's a like that is earned. And the bankability of great art, architecture, caligraphy, literature, philosophy, military capacity, political theory, religious development and cuisine is hittin' the red any day now.

Good to be back.

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