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:: Saturday, 6 September 2003 ::

Germaine Greer hates wogs.

She hates them so much they are not even allowed to exist in her lexicon. How do I know? Cos she is in the Aus this weekend (no link) writing a huge piece all about how whitefellas have been influenced by Aboriginals way more than anyone has ever realised. Note to crazy lady - no one has noticed cos it is overstated bullshit.

People, white black and oily, are influenced by each other. Full stop.

And Oz is not made up of whitefellas and blackfellas. It is made up of whitefellas, wogs and blackfellas. It is. Get it together. And there are more wogs in Oz than Aboriginals. There just are. And most wogs have not even come into social contact with Aborigines. So there is simply no influence there at all either way. And the wogs that have come into contact with Aborigines are of course influenced by them, and vice versa. Why on earth wouldn't they be? They are people with something to contribute. Natural influence.

No need to overstate it.

And no need at all to write this rubbish:
Non-Aboriginal Australians no longer understand Kriol [creole language used in Northern Australia]...

As if we ever did. As if all Aboriginal Australians even ever did. Ahem. The south and the east and the west never spoke Kriol or understood it, not in 1788 and not anytime between then and now. Why would they? Aboriginals aren't some vaste herd of hive minds. It is a big country and folks from all over are not the same. Adelaide today has a accent - is that the Aboriginals dyathink or the German free settlers? My money's on the wogs. Have you ever been on a tram in Melbourne listening to Vietnamese kiddies? They sound just like Italian wogs in Carlton. Full on. O. Mo. God. Not an Aboriginal linguistic influence in site. Where do they fit in Greer's idiot vision. Nowhere. There is no room for wogs in her world.

I think she is an awful person. A panderer to blacks cos it suits her to feel she is in a vanguard, even when she's just an old moll cruising through life in the last cabin of a road train. She thinks blackfellas, like wogs and whitefellas, really enjoy arselickers. How freakin' wrong can she be?

We like credit where it is due. Like everyone else on the bloody planet. And never where it isn't.

Useless old slapper.

:: WB 5:23 pm [link+] ::

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