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:: Saturday, 18 October 2003 ::

Adams is calling me an idiot yet again

A whole column about public cynicism, railing against the public for their lack of concern over the following:
Waterfront dispute
Tampa, children overboard, refugees,
Ruddock and Ministerial Discretion for visas
detention centers
War in Iraq

A whole column, part of which he devotes to complaining that these two uselessly one-eyed books were not taken as gospel by the whole of the Oz public:
Helen Trinca's book 'Waterfront' about...the whole Waterfront dispute
David Marr & Marian Wilkinson's "Dark Victory" about Tampa.

A whole column during which he reveals clearly that he expects the public to share his world view and that if it does not the public is at fault.

A whole column that does not once even obtusely allow for the existence of a rational world view which says of all the above:
- fat waterfront unionists needed to start working for a living like the rest of us, and the government needed to do whatever they needed to to get that happen, including Dubai forces, dogs, balaclavas and losing court actions. And they won in the end cos the waterfront works hard now, harder that it ever did before.
- wogs who pay people smugglers should not get into Oz, no matter how badly they behave and how much they threaten to hurt themselves and who ends up in the water and the Norwegians should never have turned the boat around but they did and for it we get the Pacific Solution and Nauru can make some money.
- Ruddock did not make any money out of exercising his discretion. No story.
- detention centers are only hell if you jump into the barbed wire while your lawyer is working on your case.
- SIEV-X did not happen on Oz watch. It happened on Indonesia's watch.
- no more Saddam because of Howard, Bush, Blair, Berlusconi, Aznar and Eastern Europe is a good thing.
- any book by Trinca or Marr or Wilkinson is per se a waste of time and money because their entire lives have been spent promoting a left-wing world view and that is a permanent prism through which they fabricate recent history, always always always with a view to making themselves the arbiters of good morals and all others the devil incarnate.

Adams has a written a column that could have been parsed into just this:

The ends achieved by the right-wing never justify their means. Anyone who disagrees is an idiot.

I reckon ends do justify means, when the ends are - thwarting venal criminality.

Waterfront unionists, they used to be truly the scum of Oz. They are not any more. They are waterfront workers, and they work for a living. I got no beef with them. Not now. But I sure did then, as they decided to go slow and hold up my overseas packages just for another rostered day off.

Wogs entering Oz illegally threatening mayhem if they don't get their way, they used to be the scum of Oz. They are not any more because they have stopped coming and have for the most part stopped behaving like idiots.

Saddam used to be the leader of a fucked country responsible for some of those wogs referred to above. The scum of the earth. He's not anymore. Well, not leader. That's a good thing.

:: WB 3:14 am [link+] ::

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