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:: Friday, 10 October 2003 ::


Okay. Let me get this straight. An anti-Bush anti-war idiot (Wilson) is appointed by a bunch of idiots (CIA), on the strength of Wilson's own wife recommending him, to go to Niger for a week and find out categorically if Iraq was trying to source uranium from there, as British intelligence indicated.

Wilson goes there to Niger, does no looking around and concludes he has done a good job and comes back to the US to tell the CIA that there is no truth to the Niger uranium link as far as he is concerned.

Wilson hears Bush's State of the Union speech. He hears Bush say that Brit intelligence indicates the thing about Africa and uranium. Being an idiot Wilson thinks that this is contrary to his finding which was about US intelligence in Niger only. But what he knows about Brit intelligence in Africa you could write on the head of a pin. No, make that, a fatpawed labrador could write in Cyrillic script longhand on the head of a pin.

Wilson leaks his own report to the CIA which was not for public consumption - g'uh it is the CIA that he was working for - by writing a slag opinion piece of Bush on the whole Niger thing for some newspaper. Idiot. He tells the world he was working for the CIA in Niger.

Wilson and his wife are already in Who's Who. Vain idiots. So it is easy to know quick that Wilson is married to someone and Wilson did the Niger gig for the CIA.

Columnist Robert Novak writes a piece about Wilson's slag piece, and spills that one 'administration source' told him it was Wilson's wife who got Wilson the CIA Niger gig in the first place. Because she works for the CIA. And I think he names her. Or maybe not yet.

Now, she was previously a spook or something. So by naming her maybe people she used to be connected with can get in trouble if some folks put two and two together and think - Wilson Wifie spook, she talk to x, therefore x is spook too.....or something. Serious stuff. But her name is in Who's Who.

Then somehow Wilson's wifie's name gets out definitely. From two sources in the 'administration' I think is the deal. And this is thought to be a bad bad thing and anti-Wilson and all that.

But how is publicising a wife's name hurtful per se to a husband? Cos that is what folks are saying - the leak about wifie was done to hurt Wilson.

He does know her, right? It is not as though the revealing of the name is going to actually cause concern to the husband - like surprise or anything.

Maybe it is hurtful because the whole thing makes him look like a loser who needs his wife to get him a job (and even then he's too stupid to perform it well).

Maybe it is hurtful .....nope, that's it for hurtful.

Or maybe Wilson's wife is a bigger idiot than her husband. After all, she is married to the man who caused this whole fuss by leaking his own CIA report, and by being wrong wrong wrong about Niger. The Brits say the Africa (not just Niger) connection is there.

The whole thing is idiotic. Makes the CIA look horrible. Makes Wilson look like a duplicitous shithead who would not report evidence of uranium/Niger/Saddam's Iraq even if he found it because it would not suit his agenda, and makes his wife look like a moron for being with the guy.

Watch that marriage split up sooner rather than later.

:: WB 6:07 am [link+] ::

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